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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 江苏苏州:男职工可以申请育婴假 Suzhou: Male employees may apply for parental leave
  • 近日,据媒体报道,江苏苏州市十六届人大常委会第二十七次会议通过《苏州市妇女权益保障条例》,条例明确,女方产假期满,家庭照护一周岁以内婴儿确有困难的,经男方本人申请、用人单位批准,男方可以享受育婴假。

    Reportedly, the 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 16th National People’s Congress of Suzhou has recently approved the Regulations on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests in Suzhou. The Regulations clearly stipulate that if it is actually difficult for the family to nurse the baby under one year of age provided that the mother’s maternity leave expires, the father may enjoy the parental leave upon the approval by his employer.

  • 湖南:支持企业开展以工代训 按每人每月500元给予补贴 Hu’nan: Encourage enterprises to implement work-based training by giving a subsidy of 500 yuan per capita per month
  • 近日,据媒体报道,湖南省出台《关于做好实施企业稳岗扩岗专项支持计划工作的通知》,明确企业按《通知》开展以工代训的,经人社部门审核后,按月给予企业每人每月500元的培训补贴,补贴期限最长不超过6个月。

    Reportedly, Hunan has recently issued the Notice on Implementation of the Special Support Plan for Stabilizing and Expanding Posts of Enterprises, clarifying that if enterprises carry out work-based training in compliance with the Notice, they will be granted a monthly training subsidy of 500 yuan per capita after being approved by MOHRSS, and the maximum subsidy period will not exceed 6 months.

  • 拜腾:7月1日起停止运营 仅百名员工留岗值守 Byton: Suspend operation from July 1, with only 100 employees retained
  • 近日,据媒体报道,拜腾汽车CEO戴雷临时组织召开了中国区全体员工电话沟通会,会上决定自7月1日起暂停中国内地业务运营,停运时间预计为6个月。停工停产期间,大部分中国区员工将待岗,留岗值守员工大概率不到100人,生产和研发占50%。

    According to recent media reports, Dai Lei, CEO of Byton, temporarily organized a conference call for all employees in China, at which it was decided to suspend operation in mainland China for 6 months, and the suspension will start from July 1. During the shutdown period, most employees in China will be awaiting job assignment, and less than 100 employees will remain on duty, with production and R&D staff accounting for 50%.

  • 特朗普:签令限制外籍人士工作签证 Trump: Sign executive order to suspend work visas for certain foreigners
  • 近日,据外媒报道,美国总统特朗普签署了一项行政命令,决定暂停签发部分工作签证,直至2020年底。涉及的签证类别包括“允许美国企业将员工从海外办公室调回美国”的L-1签证以及针对专业技能人员的H-1B签证。

    According to foreign media reports, President Trump recently signed an executive order to suspend the issuance of certain worker visas by the end of 2020. The order applies to L-1 visas and H-1B visas. L-1 visas are used for US enterprises to transfer executives to the United States from positions abroad, while H-1B visas commonly used by skilled workers.

1,408 yuan


Reportedly, the Beijing municipal government recently issued the Notice on Application and Distribution of Staged Unemployment Subsidies and Temporary Living Allowances, which clearly stated that unemployment subsidies shall be paid to the eligible unemployed for up to six months, and the subsidy standard is 880 yuan/month or 1408 yuan/month based on their social insurance contribution period.

9,580 yuan


According to the data recently released by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the average salary of employees in urban non-private units in Shanghai is 149,377 yuan, while the average salary of employees in urban private units is 64,226 yuan. On a weighted-average basis, the average salary of employees in urban work units is 114,962 yuan, equating to an average monthly salary of 9,580 yuan.

7,839 yuan


According to the Employment Report of College Graduates in 2020 recently released by 58.com, the average monthly salary paid by enterprises is 7,839 yuan. Roughly 90% of graduates intend to obtain employment immediately and are willing to work overtime.

150 Million


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has recently said it will add 150 million dollars to its diversity and inclusion investment so as to double the number of black employees in senior and leadership positions at the company by 2025.