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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 两部门:划定校外培训机构从业人员行为“红线” Two ministries: Defining the “red line” to behaviors of off-campus training agency practitioners
  • 近日,据报道,教育部、人社部联合发布《校外培训机构从业人员管理办法(试行)》。《办法》提出,校外培训机构应当依法与招用人员签订书面劳动合同,明确工作内容、工作地点、工作时间、岗位职责、劳动合同期限、劳动报酬、社会保险、考核办法等。

    As reported recently, the Ministry of Education and MOHRSS have jointly released the Management Procedures (Trial) for Off-campus Training Agency Practitioners. According to the Procedures, off-campus training agencies should legally sign a written labor contract with employees and specify the job contents, workplace, working hours, job responsibilities, duration of the labor contract, labor remuneration, social insurances, measures of assessment, etc.

  • 北京:购房提取公积金可全程网办 Beijing: Withdrawal of housing provident fund for house purchase may be handled online all throughout the process
  • 近日,据报道,北京住房公积金管理中心发布《关于持续优化规范住房公积金归集业务的通知》,《通知》提出,自9月16日起,约定提取、配偶提取、非本市户籍人员的销户提取三类提取业务均可实现网上办结,诸如租房提取、购房提取等高频提取业务及事项可实现全程网办。

    As reported recently, Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center has released a Notice on Continuously Optimizing and Regulating Housing Provident Fund Collection Business. According to the Notice, starting from September 16, all three types of withdrawal business - appointed withdrawal, withdrawal by spouse, and withdrawal on account cancellation by people not holding the registered residence of the city - can be handled online, and frequent withdrawal businesses such as withdrawal for house renting and house purchase and relevant affairs can be handled online all throughout the process.

  • 全国:8月城镇调查失业率5.1% 与上月持平 Nationwide: In August, the surveyed urban unemployment rate was 5.1%, the same as last month
  • 近日,据报道,国家统计局公布数据显示,从失业率情况来看,1~8月份,全国城镇调查失业率平均为5.2%,8月份当月为5.1%,与上个月持平。

    As reported recently, the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics indicate that, in review of the unemployment rate status, the average surveyed urban unemployment rate is 5.2% nationwide from January to August, almost the same as the figure 5.1% of last month.

  • 山东:不得在劳务派遣岗位上实施青年就业见习 Shandong: Labor dispatching positions shall not be open to youth employment and probation
  • 近日,据报道,山东省人社厅印发《通知》,明确就业见习岗位须符合国家规定的劳动保护措施和安全卫生条件,且符合青年实践能力提升需要,不得在临时性、辅助性等劳务派遣岗位上实施。

    As reported recently, Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department has printed and issued a Notice to specify that the positions for employment and probation must comply with the labor protection and safety and sanitation conditions stipulated by the state and with the need of enhancing youths’ practical ability, and must not be temporary, auxiliary labor dispatching ones.

2 Million


As reported recently, World Health Organization and International Labor Organization have released a joint report that almost 2 million people around the globe die from occupation related diseases and injuries every year, whereof the working hours is one of the major causes.



As reported recently, there has been an increase of employed population by accumulative 3.429 million in cities all across Anhui Province, with registered urban unemployment rate dropping from 3.14% in 2015 to 2.83% in 2020. At present, the absorptive capacity of tertiary industry is ever-growing so that the proportion of the employed has exceeded 40%. Overall employment rate of college graduates keeps above 94%.


近日,据报道,美国苹果公司发布了全新iPhone 13系列智能手机,有研报指出,该系列机型在今年的全球出货量将近1亿部,为确保iPhone 13准时发售,为此,富士康郑州厂区甚至不惜发放高额奖金加紧招工加快量产,每人最高达12700元。

As reported recently, Apple Inc. of the US has released the brand new iPhone 13 series smart phones. Some research report has pointed out that the global shipment volume of this series of phones will approximate 100 million. In order to ensure punctual sale of iPhone 13, the Zhengzhou based factory of Foxconn has even granted high amount of bonus to intensify recruitment and accelerate volume production, up to CNY 12700 for each individual.

45 Million


As reported recently, Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group has claimed that it will grant cash incentives for all its staff on duty and in roster on September 22 and 23, 2021, and the actual bonus will sum up to approximate CNY 45 million. This sum is composed of CNY 800 for each who has been inducted in 2021, 1800 CNY for each who has served for less than 2 years, 3300 CNY for each who has served for 2 to 20 years, and 4300 CNY for each who has served for 20 years and over.