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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 全国:住房公积金小程序正式上线运行 Nationwide: Housing Provident Fund Applet has officially gone live
  • 近日,据报道,全国住房公积金小程序于近期正式上线运行。小程序提供了全国统一的住房公积金服务入口,实现了全国各城市住房公积金管理中心线上服务渠道的互联互通。截至目前,全国缴存人使用小程序查询个人住房公积金信息累计2.03亿人次,办理了跨城市住房公积金转移接续18.18万笔,划转资金累计17.57亿元。

    As reported recently, National Housing Provident Fund Applet has officially gone live recently. Providing a national uniform entry to housing provident fund service, the app has realized interconnection between online service channels of housing provident fund management centers in all cities of China. So far, there have been cumulatively 203 million people who contribute and deposit the fund nationwide to access the app to query information about personal housing provident fund and handle 181.8 thousand transactions on cross-city housing provident fund transfer and renewing, with the transferred funds summing up to CNY 1.757 billion.

  • 广东:完善企业职工基本养老保险过渡性养老金计发办法等事项 Guangdong: Improving calculating and issuing measures on transitional old-age pensions of basic endowment insurance for enterprise staff
  • 近日,据报道,广东省发布《通知》提出,过渡性养老金高于按视同缴费账户法计算的部分,将用5年时间逐年过渡到全额发放:第一年(2021年)发放30%,第二年(2022年)发放50%,第三年(2023年)发放70%,第四年(2024年)发放90%,第五年(2025年)及以后发放100%。

    As reported recently, Guangdong Province has released a Notice that it will take 5 years by year-by-year transition to granting in full amount the portion of transitional old-age pensions higher than calculated by the method that equates it to the payment account: 30% will be granted in the first year (2021), 50% in the second year (2022), 70% in the third year (2023), 90% in the fourth year (2024) and, 100% in the fifth year (2025) and later.

  • 香港:雇员2021年平均加薪1% HK: Average wage hike of 1% among employees during 2021
  • 近日,据报道,据香港人力资源管理学会发布的调查显示,香港雇员2021年平均加薪1%,较2020年升幅1.4%收窄。

    As reported recently, according to the findings of a survey released by Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, the average wage hike among employees in Hong Kong is 1% during 2021, narrowing as compared to the growth rate of 1.4% in 2020.

  • 海南:拟给予夫妻一方每天1小时育儿时间至子女3岁 Hainan: To give either party of couples 1 hour per day for child rearing until their child(ren) reach(es) 3 years of age
  • 近日,据报道,海南省公布《海南省人口与计划生育条例(修正草案送审稿)》,《条例》提出,夫妻抚育0-3岁子女期间,鼓励用人单位对符合本条例规定生育子女的夫妻,每年给予双方各10日共同育儿假或者给予夫妻任意一方每天一个小时的育儿时间,直至子女年满3周岁止。

    As reported recently, Hainan Province has promulgated Hainan Provincial Regulations for Population and Family Planning (amended draft submitted for approval). The Regulations suggest that employers shall be encouraged to give 10 days of joint parental leave per year to each party, or one hour per day for child rearing to either party, of the couples who have given birth to their child(ren) in compliance with the regulations, until their child(ren) reach(es) 3 full years of age.



As reported recently, the National Bureau of Statistics has published data showing that the newly employed population has reached 104.5 million in cities nationwide over the first three quarters, fulfilling 95% of the annual goal.

CNY 12,858


As reported recently, Zhaopin.com has released A Report on Recruitment Salaries of Chinese Enterprises of Quarter III 2021. The Report indicates that the domestic economy is tending to a good prospect while maintaining stability, and that the employment market has kept a steady development trend. The salary standard of CNY 12,858 per month in Beijing remains at the top.

1.4 million


As reported recently, A Report on Talents Development in Network Information Security Industry indicates China captured over 420 million malicious program samples last year, which initiated attack on key national data and those related to national welfare and people’s livelihood. In the first half of this year, total demands for talents in network security industry have increased by 39.87% as compared to last year, with a shortfall of professional talents in network security exceeding 1.4 million.



As reported recently, Facebook has announced that it plans to create 10 thousand jobs in the EU in the upcoming five years, so as to advance the establishment of a digital world called “Metaverse”.