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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 国务院:鼓励有条件地区探索开展育儿假试点 State Council: To encourage exploration of parental leave pilot program in qualified regions
  • 近日,据报道,国务院新闻办在新闻发布会上表示,《国务院未成年人保护工作领导小组关于加强未成年人保护工作的意见》于日前印发,《意见》要求全面落实产假等生育类假期制度和哺乳时间相关规定,鼓励有条件的地区探索开展育儿假试点。

    Recently, it’s reported that the State Council Information Office said at a press conference that the Opinions of the Steering Group for Protection of Minors under the State Council on Strengthening Protection of Minors was recently issued. The Opinions require the full implementation of maternity leave systems and relevant provisions on breastfeeding time, and encourage exploration and implementation of parental leave pilot program.

  • 深圳:企业基本医疗保险一档单位缴费费率由6%调降至5% Shenzhen: The employer’s contribution rate of the first-grade basic medical insurance was reduced from 6% to 5%
  • 近日,据报道,深圳市医疗保障局、市财政局联合发布《关于继续实施阶段性降低企业基本医疗保险一档单位缴费费率的通知》,根据通知,企业基本医疗保险一档单位缴费费率由6%调降至5%。通知自今年5月1日起施行,有效期至今年12月31日。

    Recently, it’s reported that Healthcare Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the Notice on Continuing to Implement Phased Reduction of the Employer’s Contribution Rate of the first-grade Basic Medical Insurance. According to the Notice, such rate was reduced from 6% to 5%. The Notice shall come into force from May 1 this year and be valid until December 31 this year.

  • 广州:企业应给被隔离员工正常发工资 Guangzhou: Quarantined employees shall remain the same in payroll
  • 近日,据报道,广州市人社局发布涉疫情劳动关系政策指引,明确根据传染病防治法规定,由医疗机构或政府依法对新冠肺炎患者、病原携带者、疑似病人、密切接触者等实施隔离措施,导致劳动者不能提供正常劳动的,企业按正常劳动支付其在隔离期间的工资。

    Recently, it’s reported that the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued a policy guideline on labor relations related to epidemic situation, which clearly stated that according to the provisions of the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, medical institutions or the government shall take quarantine measures against Covid-19 patients, pathogen carriers, suspected patients and close contacts according to law, so that if employees cannot provide normal labor, their employers should pay their wages during the quarantine period as if they normally work.

  • 日本:2022年起 男性最多可休4周陪产假 Japan: Men can take up to 4 weeks of paternity leave from 2022
  • 近日,据报道,日本《育儿·介护休业法(修订)》在众议院全体会议上获得通过并成立。该法修订后规定男性也有权在孩子出生后8周内分2次取得不超过4周的“陪产假”,并规定企业方面有义务鼓励相关员工休假。修订后的该法将在2022年度内生效。

    Recently, it’s reported that Japan’s "Parenting and Nursing Leave Law (Revised)" was adopted and established at the plenary session of the House of Representatives. The revised law stipulates that men were also entitled to "paternity leave" of no more than 4 weeks twice within 8 weeks of the birth of their children, and that employers have the obligation to encourage relevant employees to take leave. The revised law will come into effect in 2022.



Recently, it’s reported that the Statistics Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality said that the average annual wage of the employees in urban non-private sector in Shenzhen was CNY 137,310 in 2020, up 9.3% year on year. The average annual wage of the current employees in urban non-private sector is CNY 139,436, up 9.1% year on year, while the average annual wage of the employees in urban private sector is CNY 74,597.

205 Million


Recently, it’s reported that the International Labour Organization recently released the World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends in 2021,which predicts that the number of the unemployed worldwide will reach 205 million in 2022, far exceeding 187 million in 2019.



Recently, it’s reported that Amazon said that it would offer long-term contracts to 3,000 new employees in Italy this year, and planned to invest more than EUR 350 million to establish 3 new sites in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, which will open in autumn.


近日,据报道,沃尔玛公司宣布,今年年底前将向近一半的美国员工免费提供三星手机,以便他们使用公司开发的一款App进行管理、沟通。沃尔玛表示,大约超过74万名员工将获得三星Galaxy xCover Pro智能手机、保护套。

Recently, it’s reported that Wal-Mart announced that it would provide Samsung mobile phones to nearly half of American employees free of charge before the end of this year, so that they can use an App developed by the company for management and communication. Wal-Mart said that about 740,000 employees would receive Samsung Galaxy xCover Pro smart phones and protective covers.