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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 税务总局:完善调整当年新入职人员个税预扣预缴方法 SAT: Improve and adjust the deduction and withholding of individual income tax for new recruits in first years
  • 近日,税务总局发布《关于完善调整部分纳税人个人所得税预扣预缴方法的公告》,其中提出,对一个纳税年度内首次取得工资、薪金所得的居民个人,扣缴义务人在预扣预缴个人所得税时,可按照5000元/月乘以纳税人当年截至本月月份数计算累计减除费用。

    The State Administration of Taxation has recently issued the Announcement on Improving and Adjusting the Deduction and Withholding of Individual Income Tax for Certain Taxpayers, proposing that when deducting or withholding individual income tax for individual residents who earn wages and salaries for the first time in a taxable year, the withholding agent may calculate the cumulative deduction based on the amount of 5,000 yuan/month times the number of months up to the current month in first years.

  • 深圳:对过度加班说不 提出强制休假制度 Shenzhen: Say no to excessive overtime and propose the compulsory vacation system
  • 近日,据媒体报道,《深圳经济特区健康条例(征求意见稿)》公布,其中提出强制休假制度,明确用人单位应当合理安排员工作息时间,对脑力和体力劳动负荷较重的员工,实行轮休制度。

    According to recent media reports, the compulsory vacation system was put forward in the Health Ordinance of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Exposure Draft) , which makes it clear that employers should reasonably arrange employees’ work and rest time, and implement the rotation system for employees with heavy mental and manual labor.

  • 华为、阿里:员工跳槽微软后受抵制 被要求停止无意义加班 Huawei, Alibaba: Employees originally from Huawei and Alibaba are boycotted and asked to stop meaningless overtime work
  • 近日,据媒体报道,一群从华为和阿里跳槽到微软的员工,遭到了微软的内部抵制。据悉,由于华为和阿里来的员工时常“比赛加班”,给团队带来了国内互联网企业的加班文化,形成恶性竞争。因此开发了Hackathon项目,每晚检测部门内部加班人员并提出警告。

    According to recent media reports, a group of employees who hoped to Microsoft from Huawei and Alibaba are met with internal resistance from Microsoft. It’s reported that the employees originally from Huawei and Alibaba often "play overtime", which brings the overtime culture of domestic Internet companies to the new team in Microsoft and forms vicious competition. Therefore, the Hackathon program is developed to detect the overtime staff in the department every night and give them a warning.

  • 三星:关闭位于苏州的全球唯一笔记本电脑生产基地裁员千人 Samsung: Close the world’s only notebook computer production base in Suzhou and lay off hundreds of employees
  • 近日,据媒体报道,苏州三星电子发布裁员通告,只保留研发部门部分员工,其他人员都将被裁员,受影响员工或超过千人。内部员工透露,赔偿方案是n+2,工作年限长的可能会更高。

    According to recent media reports, Suzhou Samsung Electronics issued a layoff notice to retain only some employees in the R&D department while laying off other employees, affecting probably more than 1,000 employees. According to the insiders, the compensation scheme is n+2, and those with longer service years may get a higher compensation.

2,010,000 Yuan


It’s reported that according to the news recently released by the official Weibo account of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhang Ji, a fresh computer science Ph.D. graduate, joined Huawei and got the top-tier annual salary of 2.01 million yuan under Huawei’s "Genius Youngsters" program.

RMB 10,000 Yuan

近日,据媒体报道,酷狗发布全员减肥计划,奖金池100万元,从8月1日起到明年5月5日,以月度为单位,一个月瘦 2.5 公斤奖励 2000 块钱。另外,男生有四块腹肌,女生有马甲线还能瓜分奖金,保底奖金是一万元。

According to recent media reports, KuGou Networks released an all-staff weight loss program, with a bonus pool of 1 million yuan. From August 1 to May 5 next year, it will offer a 2,000 yuan reward for losing 2.5 kilograms a month. In addition, male employees having 4-pack abs and female employees with firm abs can also get a portion of the bonus with a minimum guarantee of 10,000 yuan.


近日,据外媒报道,泰航于7月31日发起“Together We Can”的员工合作运动,再次调减各层员工薪资,其中高级执行副总裁级别降低薪水70%。此外,部分员工每月无薪休假1-10天。

Recently, according to foreign media coverage, Thai Airways launched the "Together We Can" employee cooperation campaign on July 31, and once again reduced the salary of employees at all levels, among which the SEVP level will get a pay cut by 70%. In addition, some employees will take unpaid leave for 1-10 days each month.



Recently, according to foreign media coverage, United Airlines warned that it is considering furloughing one third of its nearly 12,000 pilots. It is reported that United Airlines had previously indicated that it planned to furlough 2,250 pilots, but now this number has nearly doubled.