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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 七部门:外卖员正常劳动所得不低于当地最低工资标准 Seven state departments: The normal labor income of food delivery men shall not be below the local standard on minimum wages
  • 近日,据报道,七部门联合印发《关于落实网络餐饮平台责任 切实维护外卖送餐员权益的指导意见》,对保障外卖送餐员正当权益提出全方位要求。在保障劳动收入方面,要求平台建立与工作任务、劳动强度相匹配的收入分配机制,确保外卖送餐员正常劳动所得不低于当地最低工资标准。

    Reportedly, seven state departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Responsibility of Online Catering Platforms to Effectively Safeguard the Rights and Interests of food delivery men recently, which put forward a full range of requirements for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of food delivery men. In terms of labor income safeguarding, the online catering platforms are required to establish an income distribution mechanism matching work tasks and labor intensity to ensure that their normal labor income is not below the local standard on minimum wages.

  • 医保局:参保女职工生育三孩费用纳入生育保险待遇支付范围 National Healthcare Security Administration: The expenses for the insured female employees to give birth to the third child are included in the payment scope of maternity insurance benefits
  • 近日,据报道,国家医保局发布《关于做好支持三孩政策生育保险工作的通知》,明确各地要积极支持三孩生育政策落地实施,确保参保女职工生育三孩的费用纳入生育保险待遇支付范围,各地医保部门要按规定及时、足额给付生育医疗费用和生育津贴待遇,切实保障参保人员生育保障权益。

    Reportedly, National Healthcare Security Administration recently issued the Notice on Well Implementing the Maternity Insurance Task to Support the Three-child Policy, which made it clear that all regions shall actively support the implementation of the three-child policy and ensure that the expenses for the insured female employees to give birth to the third child are included in the payment scope of maternity insurance benefits, and that all local medical insurance departments shall pay maternity medical expenses and maternity allowances in a timely and adequate manner in accordance with the regulations to effectively protect the maternity rights and interests of the insured.

  • 湖北:9月起调整最低工资标准 按区域划分为四档 Hubei: The minimum wage standards will be adjusted and divided into four grades by region as of September
  • 近日,据报道,湖北省发布《关于调整全省最低工资标准的通知》,明确将于9月1日起调整全省最低工资标准,全省全日制就业劳动者月最低工资标准按区域划分为四档,依次为2010元、1800元、1650元、1520元。

    Reportedly, Hubei Province recently released the Notice on Adjusting the Minimum Wage Standards and decided to adjust the minimum wage standards across the province as of Sep. 1. At that time, the monthly minimum wage standard of full-time workers across the province will be divided into four grades by region, namely, RMB 2,010 yuan, RMB 1,800 yuan, RMB 1,650 yuan and RMB 1,520 yuan.

  • 小米:再次急招造车人才 一年可拿14薪 Xiaomi:another urgent recruitment of car manufacturing talents with an annual salary of 14 months
  • 近日,据报道,小米官网又开始陆续冒出招聘启事,招揽造车人才。据其官网显示,2天共发布120个岗位。据悉,小米还大方公布了薪资待遇,月薪在30~60k之间,一年可拿14薪。

    Reportedly, Xiaomi’s official website recently began to release a series of job recruitment ads to attract car manufacturing talents. It is shown in its official website that 120 jobs were posted in two days. It is reported that Xiaomi also announced its remuneration package, namely, a monthly salary between 30K and 60K, and an annual salary of 14 months.

3 Million


Reportedly, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently announced the establishment of a linkage mechanism for internship and employment for students in Beijing and Taiwan. Taiwan students in Beijing can participate in the recruitment of enterprises and public institutions in Beijing and enjoy the same welfare treatment if holding the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents. Taiwan students who start a business in Beijing can enjoy the preferential policies for start-up guarantee loans of up to RMB 500,000 yuan for individuals and up to RMB 3 million yuan for enterprises.



Reportedly, Guangdong has recently issued the Notice, stating that the average monthly salary of all-encompassing employees in the whole province in 2020 is RMB 7,647 yuan. In particular, the average monthly salary of all-encompassing employees is RMB 8,919 yuan in Class I area, RMB 6,597 yuan in Class II area, RMB 6,122 yuan in Class III area, and RMB 6,334 yuan in Class IV area.

15 Million


Reportedly, to support the development of science and technology enterprises, Liaoning Province has recently decided to give a total subsidy of RMB 15 million yuan in stages to the IPO enterprises listed on the science and innovation board, a total subsidy of RMB 10 million yuan in stages to the IPO enterprises listed on the main board and the second board, and a one-off subsidy of RMB 1.5 million yuan to enterprises listed on the New Third Board.

200 Million


Reportedly, according to the internal information of S.F. Express, the company will invest more than RMB 200 million yuan to improve the income of couriers from August 1 to December 31, 2021, while remaining the existing accrual of pick-up and distribution amount unchanged.