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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 上海:试点研究生符合条件可直接落户 Shanghai: Pilot the policy for eligible postgraduates to settle down directly
  • 近日,据报道,经上海市高校招生和就业工作联席会议研究,决定开放第二批2021年非上海生源应届普通高校毕业生进沪就业落户受理工作,并试点在五个新城和自贸区新片区就业的上海市应届研究生毕业生符合基本条件可直接落户的政策。受理时间为2021年12月1日至12月31日(工作日)。

    As reported recently, the Shanghai Joint Conference on Student Enrollment and Employment of Colleges and Universities, through study, decided to accept the application for household registration by the second batch of 2021 fresh graduates of ordinary colleges and universities who were not Shanghai locals and would be employed in Shanghai, and to pilot the policy that Shanghai fresh postgraduates who would be employed in five new districts and the new areas of the free trade zone may settle down with direct household registration if meeting basic conditions. The acceptance period will be from December 1 to December 31, 2021 (working days).

  • 广州:灵活就业人员可缴存公积金 Guangzhou: Flexible employees may contribute to the housing provident fund
  • 近日,据报道,广州市审议通过《灵活就业人员参加住房公积金制度试点管理办法》,灵活就业人员可自愿为原则参加住房公积金制度,享与强制缴存职工同等服务政策。办法适用于广州灵活就业人员住房公积金的缴存、提取、使用、管理和监督。

    As reported recently, Guangzhou deliberated and adopted the Administrative Measures for Piloting the System for Flexible Employees Participating in the Housing Provident Fund. Flexible employees may participate in the housing provident fund system voluntarily and enjoy the same service policy as employees mandatory to make such contribution. These measures are applicable to contribution, withdrawal, use, management and supervision of flexible employees’ housing provident fund in Guangzhou.

  • 广东:12月1日起调整提高最低工资标准 Guangdong: Minimum Wage Standard will be raised as of December 1
  • 近日,据报道,广东省印发《通知》,决定从今年12月1日起调整提高月最低工资标准和非全日制小时最低工资标准。其中,广州、深圳执行一类标准,广州市调整为2300元/月,深圳市调整为2360元/月,两市非全日制小时最低工资标准均为22.2元/小时;二、三、四类标准分别调整为1900元/月、1720元/月、1620元/月,非全日制小时最低工资标准分别为18.1元/小时、17.0元/小时、16.1元/小时。

    As reported recently, Guangdong Province issued the Notice to decide to raise the minimum monthly wage standard and the minimum hourly wage standard for non-full-time employees as of this December 1. Class I standard will prevail in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, namely CNY 2,300/month in Guangzhou and CNY 2,360/month in Shenzhen, while the minimum hourly wage standard for non-full-time employees in both cities will be CNY 22.2/hour. Classes II, III, and IV standards will be adjusted to CNY 1,900/month, CNY 1,720/month and CNY 1,620/month respectively, and the minimum hourly wage standards for non-full-time employees will be CNY 18.1/hour, CNY 17.0/hour and CNY 16.1/hour respectively.

  • 腾讯:雇佣前动视暴雪高管扩张全球发行团队 Tencent: Hire former Activision Blizzard executive to expand the global distribution team
  • 近日,据报道,腾讯宣布,任命Zoran Roso担任其全球发行部门的市场总监。过去20年来,Roso一直是德国游戏行业的重要人物,曾在动视暴雪、Take-Two和索尼等公司担任高管职务。据了解,腾讯任命Roso是腾讯扩大国际影响力战略的一部分。

    As reported recently, Tencent announced the appointment of Zoran Roso as the marketing director of its global distribution department. In the past 20 years, Roso, holding senior positions in companies such as Activision Blizzard, Take-Two and Sony, has been playing an important role in the German game industry. It’s learned that Tencent’s appointment of Roso is part of Tencent’s strategy to expand its international influence.



As reported recently, according to China Statistical Yearbook 2021, the per capita disposable income of Shanghai in 2020 was CNY 72,232.4, ranking first in China, followed by Beijing and Zhejiang. In addition, by the end of 2020, the balance of household deposits in Shanghai was CNY 3,673.4 billion, ranking second in China, namely nearly CNY 150,000 per capita.

CNY 2,360


As reported recently, Shenzhen Human Resources and Society Security Bureau issued a notice to raise the minimum monthly wage standard for full-time employees to CNY 2,360/month, and the minimum hourly wage standard for non-full-time employees to CNY 22.2/hour. The new standard will be implemented as of January 1, 2022.

1.4 Billion


As reported recently, Xiaomi announced to vest a total of 59,788,554 incentive shares under an equity incentive scheme as dividends to 2,024 selected participants. According to the closing price of Xiaomi stock at HK$ 19.26, the total value of incentive shares is CNY 1.4 billion, and each awardee may get about CNY 700,000 on average.

4, 000 Jobs


As reported recently, the Environmental Information Disclosure Platform of Shanghai Enterprises and Public Institutions showed that Tesla publicized the EIA on the second-stage production line optimization project for Shanghai Super Factory Phase I project. It’s learned that the total investment in this production line optimization project is as high as CNY 1.2 billion, and the project is expected to commence this December and to be completed in next April. Tesla estimates that after the completion of the production line optimization project, 4,000 more jobs will be created, bringing the staff size of the whole factory to 19,000.