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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 广东:取消职工基本养老保险关系省内转移手续 Guangdong: Canceled the transfer procedures for employees’ basic endowment insurance relationship inside the province
  • 近日,据报道,广东省社保基金管理局日前发布通告,明确自2021年4月1日起,凡在广东省参加企业职工基本养老保险的参保人,在省内流动就业参保时无需申办省内养老保险关系转移接续手续,相关社保业务同步优化调整。

    Recently, it’s reported that Guangdong Provincial Social Insurance Fund Administration recently issued a notice stating that from April 1, 2021, all enterprise employees participating in the basic endowment insurance in Guangdong Province did not need to apply for the transfer and renewal procedures for the endowment insurance relationship in this province in case of job mobility within the same province, and that the related social security services were optimized and adjusted simultaneously.

  • 郑州富士康:一个月内三次提高装配线新员工奖金 Zhengzhou Foxconn: Raised the bonus for new employees on assembly line three times in one month
  • 近日,据报道,富士康位于郑州的工厂最近提高了装配线上新员工的奖金,这是该公司在一个月内第三次增加郑州装配线工人的奖金。最新公告显示,每名员工如果工作90天,在岗时间至少55天,将获得7500元人民币的奖金。这个数字高于4月26日的6500元和4月15日的6000元奖金,也是3月底3500元奖金的两倍多。

    Recently, it’s reported that Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou recently raised the bonus for new employees on the assembly line, the third consecutive raise in one month that the company has offered to assembly line workers in Zhengzhou. According to the latest announcement, every employee who has been recruited for 90 days and whose working time reached at least 55 days would receive a bonus of CNY 7,500. This figure was higher than the bonus of CNY 6,500 on April 26 and CNY 6,000 yuan on April 15, and more than double the bonus of CNY 3,500 at the end of March.

  • 美团:470万骑手均为外包公司员工与我们无直接劳动关系 Meituan: 4.7 million riders are employees of outsourcing companies and have no direct labor relations with it
  • 近日,据报道,北京市人社局副局长王林在体验了送外卖不易后,又携巡视组与美团公司代表进行了对话。当问及外卖员工的劳动关系、保险等问题时,美团方面称470万骑手均为外包员工,与美团没有任何劳动关系。

    Recently, it’s reported that Wang Lin, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, had a dialogue with representatives of Meituan after experiencing the hardships of food delivery men. When asked about the labor relations and insurance of food delivery employees, Meituan said that 4.7 million riders were outsourced employees and had no labor relations with it.

  • 麦当劳:美国15城员工计划罢工要求涨薪 McDonald’s: Employees in 15 US cities plan to walk out for higher wages
  • 近日,据报道,麦当劳员工们计划于5月19日举行罢工,要求所有员工时薪至少为15美元。

    Recently, it’s reported that McDonald’s employees plan to walk out on May 19, demanding at least an hourly pay of USD 15 for all employees.

CNY 80 billion


Recently, it’s reported that four departments including National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Notice recently, proposing that in 2021, industries such as manufacturing would enjoy the benefits of structural tax reduction and fee reduction. It’s estimated that annual tax reduction would rise by CNY 80 billion this year.



Recently, it’s reported that the data of 2021 Survey Report on Living Conditions of Working Mothers released by Zhaopin showed that the average salary gap between men and women in workplace was 12.8% in 2021, which was aggravated by marriage and childbirth, and that the monthly salary of working mothers was 31.6% lower than that of working fathers (the average monthly salary of working mothers was CNY 8,534, and that of working fathers was CNY 12,477).



Recently, it’s reported that a survey by Ifo showed that should auto companies not exert more efforts to further improve workers’ skills, the prosperity of electric vehicles may lead to the loss of more than 100,000 internal combustion locomotive production jobs in German auto industry by 2025.



Recently, it’s reported that more than 6,500 workers congregate outside the parliament building in Athens to go on strike and protest against the new labor bill. It’s reported that the new labor legislation in Greece will cancel the restriction of 5 working days and add 2 more hours to each standard working day. Protesters said that this legislation would limit employees’ rights when the economy was recovering amid the COVID-19 pandemic.