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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 北京、浙江:拟开展专属商业养老保险试点 Beijing and Zhejiang: Propose to pilot the captive commercial endowment insurance
  • 近日,据报道,《关于开展专属商业养老保险试点的通知(征求意见稿)》正在业内征求意见,拟自3月1日起在北京市、浙江省开展专属商业养老保险试点。这一产品创新的落地,有望解决网约送餐员、网约车司机等新业态群体的养老保障难题。

    Reportedly, legislators have been recently soliciting opinions from relevant industries with regard to the Notice on Piloting Captive Commercial Endowment Insurance (Exposure Draft), and it is planned to launch the pilot of captive commercial endowment insurance in Beijing and Zhejiang Province from March 1, 2021. The implementation of this product innovation is expected to solve the problem of old-age pension for populations engaging in new commercial activities, such as online food delivery and car-hailing services.

  • 贵州:暂停执行阶段性降低工伤保险费率政策 Guizhou: Suspend the implementation of the policy on period-specific reduction of work-related injury insurance rate
  • 近日,据报道,贵州省发布的《关于工伤保险费率相关问题的通知》指出,目前全省工伤保险基金累计结余可支付月数已低于9个月,为保障工伤保险基金运行安全,决定自2021年1月1日起,暂停执行阶段性降低工伤保险费率政策,恢复基准费率。

    Reportedly, the Notice on Related Issues of Work-related Injury Insurance Rate recently issued by Guizhou Province pointed out that the accumulative balance of work-related injury insurance fund in the whole province can only cover less than 9 months of worker’s compensation. In order to ensure the safe operation of work-related injury insurance fund, it was decided to suspend the implementation of the policy on period-specific reduction of work-related injury insurance rate and restore the benchmark rate as of January 1, 2021.

  • 宝能:各大板块裁员 年终奖取消 社保停缴 Baoneng: Layoffs in major business units, cancellation of year-end bonus, and suspension of social insurance contribution
  • 近日,据报道,春节前,宝能集团各大板块已经开始裁员,裁员比例20%~30%,裁员顺序为先总部,后各下辖分公司;先S、A级,后B、C级。留下的员工会被降薪,比例按照职级的提升而增加,仍处在试用期的员工几乎逃不了被裁退的命运。

    Recently, market news show that before the Spring Festival, all major business units of Baoneng Group have begun to lay off employees, with a proportion of 20% to 30%. The layoffs will be initiated in the headquarters, then expand to the group’s subsidiaries from rank S and A to rank B and C. The remaining employees will be asked to take a pay cut that will be increased with elevation of ranks. Employees who are still on probation will be definitely laid off.

  • 英国:将Uber司机归类为正式员工享受最低工资带薪休假等权益 UK: Uber drivers are classified as regular employees who can enjoy the minimum wage, paid leave and other benefits.
  • 近日,英国最高法院裁定,Uber司机必须被视为“工人”,而非“自雇人士”,这意味着Uber网约车司机将享有正式员工待遇,能保障其最低工资、带薪休假和基本工时等劳动权益。

    Recently, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers must be regarded as "workers" rather than "self-employed", which means that Uber drivers will enjoy the benefits for regular employees, and that their labor rights such as minimum wage, paid leave and basic working hours will be guaranteed.

1,950 Yuan


Reportedly, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shaanxi Province has recently made it clear that the minimum wage standard in Shaanxi Province will be adjusted as of May 1, 2021. The monthly minimum wage standards in Class I, II and III areas will be adjusted to 1950 yuan, 1850 yuan and 1750 yuan respectively, and the hourly minimum wage standards for part-time workers in Class I, II and III areas will be adjusted to 19 yuan, 18 yuan and 17 yuan respectively.

2,600 Yuan


Reportedly, Guangdong Galanz Group has recently released a recruitment poster, saying that anyone who has successfully recruited a new comer, regardless of whether he is an insider or an outsider, will get a reward of 2,600 yuan/person.



Recently, it’s reported that Jaguar Land Rover will lay off 2000 employees in this fiscal year. The layoffs are for the purposes of cost-cutting and restructuring, aiming to save 2.5 billion pounds.



Reportedly, Heineken, the Dutch beer giant, has recently announced a staff reduction plan involving 8,000 jobs. The company said that the layoffs account for nearly one tenth of its total staff, which is part of a €2 billion cost-cutting program by 2023.