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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 人社部:事业单位科研人员现金奖励不作为社会保险缴费基数 MOHRSS: Cash rewards for scientific research personnel of public institutions shall not lay a base for social insurance payment
  • 近日,人社部、财政部、科技部印发《关于事业单位科研人员职务科技成果转化现金奖励纳入绩效工资管理有关问题的通知》,明确了“科研人员获得的职务科技成果转化现金奖励计入当年本单位绩效工资总量,但不受总量限制,不纳入总量基数”具体的操作办法。此外,现金奖励不作为社会保险缴费基数。

    Recently, MOHRSS, MOF and MOST have printed and issued A Notice on Issues Related to the Inclusion of Cash Rewards for the Commercialization of Duty-related Research Findings to Scientific Research Personnel of Public Institutions into Merit Pay Management, specifying the concrete operational procedures by which “the cash rewards for the commercialization of duty-related research findings to scientific research personnel shall be recognized into the sum of the year of the merit pay of the institution but without restriction to sum and not included into the base of the sum”. Besides, the cash rewards shall not lay a base for social insurance payment.

  • 链家:2021年春招启动 今年希望规模增10% Lianjia: 2021 spring recruitment starts up, with the hope of increasing the scale by 10% this year
  • 近日,据报道,链家2021年春招日前拉开帷幕,全国链家今年希望规模增10%,同时还将重点通过“领航家计划”,计划自明年起,逐步为全国链家培训输送1000名储备管理岗人才。

    As reported recently, the 2021 spring recruitment of Lianjia has kicked off. Lianjia hopes to increase its nationwide scale by 10% this year, and will also pass the “Pilot Program” particularly, through which to progressively train and convey 1000 talents on reserved management positions for Lianjia all across the country starting from next year.

  • 领英:为了员工心情更舒畅 复活节长假后集体再休1周 LinkedIn: 1 more week of collective leave following the long holidays of Easter for more ease of mind of employees
  • 近日,据报道,在复活节长假后,领英宣布从4月5日起将允许1.59万名员工带薪休假一周,这是为了让员工心情更舒畅,以免精疲力尽出现工作懈怠。

    As reported recently, LinkedIn has announced it will allow 15.9 thousand employees to enjoy paid leave for one more week following the long holidays of Easter starting from April 5, in order for the employees to have more ease of mind and to avoid exhaustion and slackness at work.

  • 日本:考虑实施四天工作制 Japan: Considering implementing the four-day work schedule
  • 近日,据报道,日本内阁官房长官加藤胜信日前表示,日本政府正在讨论“选择性周休3天制”普及问题,即允许有意愿的人每周可休息3天。

    As reported recently, Japanese Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu has expressed that the Japanese government is discussing the issue of spreading the “optional 3 days off per week schedule”, namely people with the willingness will be allowed to have 3 days off per week.



As reported recently, a Tencent employee whose monthly salary has exceeded CNY 50 thousand took a job hop to ByteDance. Since this employee has ever signed a Letter of Notice on Competitive Restrictions with Tencent, the court decides and requires that the employee return and pay a penal sum of CNY 1.11 million to Tencent. The written judgment proclaims: On September 5, 2016, Chen was inducted into Tencent, taking the office as senior editorial manager of the department of content platform.



As reported recently, the domestic research institute for recruitment has released data on talents flow trends in Quarter I of 2021. The data indicate a comparative growth of 8.44% in enterprises’ recruitment demands as well as a comparative growth of 6.77% in job application delivery in Quarter I of 2021. The mean monthly salary paid by enterprises in Shanghai is CNY 10181, ranking the top nationwide.



As reported recently, Microsoft Inc. has announced it will provide technical training service via its subordinate socializing web LinkedIn focused on white-collar workers to help fifty thousand people get a job. As reported, these fifty thousand jobs come from the so-called “Microsoft ecosystem”, namely a large number of enterprises using or selling Microsoft products, rather than from Microsoft Inc. itself.



As reported recently, Schmidt, specialist of EU Commission for Employment and Social Rights expresses, “the rate of unemployment in EU has risen from 6.6% one year ago to 7.3% in January 2021”. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused 6 million people to lose their jobs.