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CEW (China Employment Watch) is another product from PEO Group. It is currently China's largest database on employment regulations and cases. Monitoring the macro background of the economic transition in China and the ever-changing relationship between labor and management, CEW provides human resource professionals, in-house counsels and key business decision-makers with timely updated employment regulations and cases, in-depth analyses and achievable advice for the employment challenges and risks they are facing.

CEW includes real-time updated online database and bilingual e-Journal CEW Weekly. CEW Weekly provides our subscribers with timely, accurate and professional Chinese employment information through e-newsletter every week. To subscribe now, please click here. Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact: cew@peo.hk

CEW《中国雇佣观察》是普岩集团旗下中国最大的在线双语雇佣法规案例库。《中国雇佣观察》立足于中国经济转型和劳资关系演变的宏观背景,为各行业的人力资源从业者、公司法务、其它商业决策人员等提供最新最及时的资讯,并就其所面临的雇佣方面的挑战和风险提供法规查询、相关案例的参考、深入的分析及可行性的建议。CEW网站每周定期更新,并且通过CEW Weekly的双语期刊,每周以电子邮件的形式将最新的资讯带给订阅者。如需订阅,请点击这里。若您有任何疑问,或需要专业帮助,请联系我们:cew@peo.hk