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China Employment Express (CEE)

Jan 15, 2021

资讯 / Information
  • 广东:实习生快递员等8类人员4月起也可参加工伤保险

    Guangdong: 8 classes of workers including interns and deliverymen will be allowed to participate in work-related injury insurance from April on


    As reported recently, Guangdong Province has promulgated the “Measures on In-service Employees beyond the Statutory Retirement Age and Other Specific Personnel to Participate in Work-related Injury Insurance (Trial)”, which first involves 8 classes of specific personnel in the scope of participation in work-related injury insurance, with whom no labor relations have been established, including employees beyond the statutory retirement age, intern students, and probationers. The “Measures” will be implemented starting from April.

  • 北京:城乡失业保险拟统一 单位和个人缴费的比例调整为5:5

    Beijing: Urban-rural unemployment insurance is planned to be subject to uniform adjustment in the ratio of payments contributed from employer and employee to 5:5


    As reported recently, the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality has published the “Notice on Unifying the Policy on Unemployment Insurance for Urban-Rural Employees (Exposure Draft)” and solicited opinions from the social public. Beijing municipality plans to adjust the ratio of payments for unemployment insurance contributed from employer and employee from 8:2 to 5:5 from May 1, 2021.

  • 汇丰:削减基层员工花红22% 薪酬大致持平或微升

    HSBC: Slash bonus for grass-root employees by 22%, with salaries roughly unchanged or increased slightly


    As reported recently, HSBC has spread an internal notice among its grass-root employees, expressing its decision to decline the annual bonus of 2020 by 22% due to the significant impact of the peripheral environment on business last year. HSBC claims that the overall salary will keep balance or rise slightly, considering the effort from employees at relevant ranks during the hard time.

  • 苹果:将根据环境价值观调整高管现金奖励

    Apple Inc.: Adjust the cash incentives for senior executives depending on the environmental values


    As reported recently, Apple Inc. has expressed in an annual proxy file that the compensation committee of the board of directors will increase or decrease the amount of bonus by at most 10%, based on the corresponding senior executive’s values on Apple and performance in other key community programs.

数据 / Date
  • 600,000


    As reported recently, Eleme has given the following response to the event of sudden death of a rider in blue uniform in Beijing exposed the other day and to the issue of inadequate security for crowdsourced riders: We express our condolences to the rider in blue uniform who has died an accidental death and offer a pension of 600 thousand yuan to his family (Before Eleme claimed it would offer 2000 yuan to his relatives out of the platform’s humanism). In future Eleme platform’s amount of security for sudden death will rise to 600 thousand yuan uniformly.

  • HKD 10,000


    As reported recently, Director Luo Zhiguang of Labour and Welfare Bureau of Hong Kong has expressed the Youth Employment Program in the Great Bay Area has been promoted since January 8. In order to encourage enterprises with presence across Hong Kong, the Great Bay Area and hinterland cities to participate and provide job vacancies, enterprises can be granted with an allowance of ten thousand HKD every month for each graduate engaged by them during a maximum period of 18 months, given the quota of 2000.

  • 2,300


    As reported recently, Michelin Group of France has announced its decision to cut down 2300 employees in France in the upcoming 3 years. Michelin Group expresses the downsizing is to be conducted by major means of advance retirement and voluntary resignation. The number of employees to be cut down accounts roughly for 10% of the sum of the employees in France.

  • 4 Million


    Recently, a report released by CNN US indicates there remain almost 4 million Americans unemployed for half a year even if American enterprises have never ceased recruitment amid the epidemic. As of September 2020, 2.4 million people had been in the state of long-term unemployment.