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China Employment Express (CEE)

Sep 25, 2020

资讯 / Information
  • 人社部:10月1日至4日 加班按不低于工资的300%计算报酬

    MOHRSS: Overtime pay is calculated at no less than 300% of the wage for the period from 1st to 4th October


    Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has made clear the calculation of overtime pay during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in 2020. Employers that schedule employees to work overtime from 1st to 4th October shall give the overtime pay at the rate of no less than 300% of the wage. Employers that schedule employees to work overtime from 5th to 8th October shall arrange the employees to take time-off in lieu. If not, the employers shall give the overtime pay at the rate of no less than 200% of the wage.

  • 上海:鼓励用人单位灵活安排工作时间

    Shanghai: Employers are encouraged to adopt flexible working hours system


    Reportedly, Shanghai municipal government has recently issued the Three-year Action Plan for Nursery Service in Shanghai (2020-2022), encouraging employers to create conditions for family upbringing by taking flexible working hours system and other measures. Meanwhile, parents who take care infants and toddlers at home shall be supported to return to work, and they shall be provided with employment guidance and vocational trainings.

  • 天津:调整社保费征缴期 次月1日起未缴纳的按日加收滞纳金

    Tianjin: Social security contribution period will be adjusted, and an overdue fine will be imposed on a daily basis from the first day of the next month if it’s not paid on time


    Reportedly, Tianjian has recently issued a Notice, clearly stating that enterprises and flexible employees insured in Tianjin shall pay social insurance premium in full and on time from the 21st of previous month to the 20th of current month. An overdue fine shall be imposed on a daily basis from the first day of the next month if the social insurance premium is not paid on time.

  • 华为:将继续削减在澳大利亚的员工数量和投资

    Huawei: Continue to downsize the staff and investment in Australia

    近日,据报道,华为澳大利亚首席企业事务官Jeremy Mitchell透露,计划在2021年之前裁员1000人。此外,华为已经终止了在澳大利亚的1亿澳元(约合4.9亿元人民币)研发投资。

    Reportedly, Jeremy Mitchell, chief corporate affairs officer of Huawei Australia, has recently revealed that the company planned to lay off 1,000 employees before 2021. In addition, Huawei has terminated its research and development investment amounting 100 million Australian dollars (approx. 490 million yuan) in Australia.

数据 / Date
  • 1,500 Yuan

    近日, 据媒体报道,深圳人社局制定《深圳市企业员工适岗培训补贴办法》,规定企业员工享受适岗培训补贴每人每学时(不少于45分钟)30元,每人每年(自然年)不超过1500元。

    According to recent media reports, Human Resources and Social Security Administration of Shenzhen Municipality has formulated the Measures for Subsidies for Post-adaptation Training of Enterprise Employees in Shenzhen, stipulating that enterprise employees shall enjoy a subsidy of 30 yuan per person per class hour (≥ 45 minutes) and no more than 1,500 yuan per person per year (calendar year).

  • 5.2%


    According to recent media reports, Mid-year Salary Adjustment Report of Chinese Enterprises in 2020 stated that due to the epidemic, the average salary growth rate of Chinese enterprises in 2020 is 5.2%. The figure of second-tier cities is 5.3%, which is higher than that of first-tier cities, namely 5.1%. The average salary growth rate of enterprises in Nanjing, Changzhou, Beijing and Suzhou is higher than the nationwide average level.

  • 6,812 Yuan


    According to recent media reports, zhipin.com released the Report of 2021 Fresh Graduates Fall Recruitment Early Birds, pointing out that the average monthly salary of 2021 fresh graduates is 6,812 yuan, and the top five industries with the largest recruitment scale are Internet/IT, education & training, real estate/construction, professional services and finance.

  • 15,000 layoffs


    Reportedly, Raytheon Technologies, a giant in the US military and aerospace fields, recently announced that it would cut 15,000 jobs, which is more than twice the previous prediction.