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Can the probationary period be extended upon the agreed period?


After a period of work, some employees are close to the end of the probationary period. The labor contract signed at the date of recruitment stated that the probationary period would be three months, and the labor contract was valid only for three years. Now, the manager wanted to extend another month of the probationary period. Is it legal?

  • 社保争议时效
  • The Limitation of Social Insurance Disputes
  • 社保争议的时效应从当事人知道或者应当知道其权利受到侵害之日起算,然后再看在当时的法律环境下,劳动者是否已经超过了申请仲裁有效期限。
  • The limitation period for social insurance disputes should be calculated form the date the parties know or ought to know the infringement of its rights. And the legal framework at that time should difine whether the application from the employee has passed the limitation for labor dispute arbitration.
  • 劳动合同可以补签吗?
  • Can the labor contract be retroactively signed?
  • 如果企业在08年未与劳动者签合同,直到10年1月1日才开始与劳动者签订,现在可不可以补签08年至10年那段时间的劳动合同?
  • If the working unit did not sign the labor contract with the employees until January 1st, 2010, can they retroactively sign a new labor contract for the period from 2008 to 2010?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:用人单位未办社保登记或处三倍罚款

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Three Times of Penalty for Employers who Fail to Register for Social Insurance


    According to the regulations of Management Method for Social Insurance Register (Exposure Draft), shall employer fail to register for social insurance, social insurance authority will instruct it to make correction; shall the employer do not conclude this act in due time, the employer will be fined within an amount one time above and three times below the due premium for social insurance.

  • 明年北京6项社保联动上调 最低工资涨至1260元

    Synchronized Up-regulation for Six Items of Social Security with A Surge of Minimum Wage to 1260 yuan in Beijing from Next Year


    From January 1st next year, guarantee benchmarking for six items, including pension for the retired, minimum wage, regular subsidy for occupational insurance and unemployment pension will be elevated for the retired in Beijing. And minimum wage will be adjusted to 1260 yuan with an increase of 60 yuan at each level for unemployment pension.

  • 广东拟禁止单位对员工罚款扣钱

    Cash Penalty for Employees to be Banned in Companies in Guangdong


    Guangdong Labor Security Supervision Regulations (Draft for Revision) has regulated that shall employers levy economic penalty on laborer, employers shall be fined with an amount ranging from 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan per person according to the number of people the employer has punished.

  • 3745


    According to 2012 Shanghai Foreign Company Remuneration Report unveiled by CIIC SALARY. In 2012, among the graduates working in foreign enterprises, the starting salary for undergraduates is 3745 yuan per month. In addition, this figure for PHD graduates is 9466 yuan, 5742 yuan for postgraduate, 2821 for three-year undergraduates and 2223 for senior high school or secondary technical schools graduates.

  • 30


    HK Minimum Wage Committee has announced that they have reached consensus on the suggested legitimate level of minimum wage. The minimum wage per hour will be adjusted from 28 HKD to 30 HKD.

  • 48%


    Results from a survey of Boston Consulting Group Corporation in the US reveal that, among the CEOs whose company has a revenue of more than 10 billion USD, 48% of them have indicated that they are planning or considering migrating their business back from China to US.

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