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#10  Dec 14, 2012    email version


Students at Institutions of Higher Learning May Establish Employment Relationship with the Employer


One important legal ground why many employers use students from schools of higher learning as the interns is that they believe the relationship between them and the interns is not employment relationship. The relationship between the employer and the intern cannot be solved just by commenting “no employment relationship established”, instead, it must be separately discussed under different scenarios.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 2013年节假日安排出炉

    Arrangement on national public holidays for year 2013 was just announced


    The General Office of the State Council has announced the arrangement of certain public holidays. Public holidays for the calendar new year of 2013 are set from the 1st(inclusive) to the 3rd(inclusive)of January 2013, 3 days in total, but one has to work on Jan 5th (Saturday) and Jan 6th (Sunday). For the Spring Festival, public holidays are set from the 9th to the 15th of February 2013, seven days in total, but one has to work on Feb 16th (Saturday)and Feb17th (Sunday) of 2013.

  • 深圳20万人才可领租房补贴

    200 thousand talents in Shenzhen are entitled to the rental subsidy


    “Proposal on Enlarging the Pilot Work in Relation to the Settle-down of Talents in Shenzhen” has been approved by the Government. In accordance with this proposal, both Municipal and District Governments have together arranged around 1 billion to be used specifically for the rental subsidy to the settle-down of 200 thousand talents.

  • 报告称我国民工荒将长期存在

    It is reported that the lack of peasant workforce will last for quite a long time


    According to the report named “China Urban Unemployment Report” issued by the Financial Investigation and Research Centre on China Family of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics, future suburb labor force is in shortage, the lack of peasant work force will last for quite a long time, which in particular worries the east of China.

  • 32%


    According to the report named “International Business Investigation Report” issued by the accounting firm Grant Thornton, 32% of domestic enterprises of China claims that they are encumbered with the Europe debt crisis and their revenue fell down.

  • 1.11


    The investigation result issued by the 104 Job Bank of Taiwan shows that the annual bonus of employees in Taiwan is only 1.11 month of salary on average, which is the lowest of the past three years.

  • 500


    Vietnam Government recently issued an act regarding increasing the basic salary of different regions, which is effective on the 1st January 2013. According to this act, the minimum basic salary is 1650000 Vietnamese Dong (equivalent to RMB 500). Such act also applies to the foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam.

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