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#103  Nov 14, 2014    email version


On the latest judicial interpretation of work-related injury insurance


From the employing units' point of view, they must realize that as long as labor relationship is established with workers, even if they do not use workers by themselves, they need to undertake work-related injury insurance liabilities; sometimes they also need to bear legal risks associated with work-related injury insurance liabilities even when they do not directly establish labor relations with workers (such as under illegal subcontracting and labor attachment relations).

  • 员工午休用餐时中风属于工伤吗?
  • Is it work-related injury if an employee had a stroke at lunchtime?
  • 工伤认定条件之一为:在工作时间和工作场所内,因工作原因受到事故伤害的;此外视同工伤的条件之一为:在工作时间和工作岗位,突发疾病死亡或者在48小时之内经抢救无效死亡的。
  • One condition for identifying work-related injury is accidents or damages suffered during working hours at workplace due to work-related reasons. Another condition may be deemed as equivalent to work-related injury: the worker suffers from sudden illness during working hours at workplace and dies suddenly or within 48 hours of rescue.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:三季度102城求职人数创5年新低

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Job Seekers in 102 Cities in Q3 Hit Five-Year Low


    According to a report recently promulgated by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the number of job seekers in 102 cities in the third quarter was only 3.86 million, lowest ever since 2009. This indicates that the number of people who want to be employed is on a decreasing trend.

  • 全国人大代表建议修订《劳动合同法》相关规定

    Deputies of National People's Congress Proposed to Revise the Labor Contract Law


    The NPC Standing Committee has recently convened its eleventh meeting, on which over 100 members proposed to revise the Labor Contract Law. The NPC Financial and Economic Committee has agreed suggestions put forward by such deputies and relevant departments on revising provisions relating to the accountability of wage arrears.

  • 上海出台高校毕业生就业补贴新政

    Shanghai Introduced New Subsidy Program for Employment of College Graduates


    According to a document recently issued by Shanghai, Shanghai-based small and micro enterprises can apply for social insurance subsidies if they recruit fresh college graduates whose Hukou is in Shanghai and sign a labor contract with a term of more than 1 year with such graduates.

  • 深圳人社局:减少职业资格许可和认定

    Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: Reducing Licensing and Certification of Occupational Qualifications


    Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently announced that it has initiated the work to reduce the licensing and certification for occupational qualifications within the city. Access-type and evaluation-type qualifications whose standards are set independently by each region will be cancelled.

  • 天津出台《工伤劳动能力鉴定医疗卫生专家管理办法》

    Tianjin Promulgated the Management Regulations on Health Experts for Labor Capability Appraisal of Work-related Injury


    Tianjin has promulgated the Management Regulations on Health Experts for Labor Capability Appraisal of Work-related Injury. According to the document, the municipal-level review system will be established for the appraisal of major work-related injuries, while senior experts will be hired as the director-level expert and chief expert to review and consult on the appraisal conclusions for severe injuries or cases that have been appraised at a high disability level.

  • 8%


    The Salary Trend Report 2014/2015 released by the human resources consultancy ECA shows that, Chinese enterprises are expected to increase salary by 8% on average, among first ranks in the world.

  • 7%


    According to a recently released remuneration report, this year, the monthly salary of graduating doctorates, masters, bachelors, and associate-degree holders of Shanghai is RMB 8692, RMB 5899, RMB 3900, and RMB 3242, respectively, rising by 7%-8% in general compared with last year.

  • 10


    Data of Guangzhou Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center show that, as of now, there are still 10100 loans to be reviewed and approved in its loan approval system, involving an amount of RMB 4.963 billion. However, as of the end of September, the available credit of its housing provident fund only remained RMB 521 million, with an almost 10 times gap.

  • 1.3万亿


    According to the estimation of Zheng Binwen, Director of World Security Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the loss of basic endowment insurance in the past 20 years can be quantified as follows: the insurance has devaluated by nearly RMB a hundred billion if benchmarked on the inflation rate, and has lost as high as RMB 1.3 trillion if referring to the social average wage growth rate.

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