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#105  Nov 27, 2014    email version


Detailed interpretation of the interim regulations on labor dispatching — analysis report (Part II)


  • 一裁终局的法律适用
  • The legal applicability of final and binding of arbitration award
  • 发生劳动仲裁的案件时一定要对是否会出现“一裁终局”的情形做出预估,预估到可能会发生“一裁终局”结果的,一定要在劳动仲裁阶段做好充分的思想准备和证据准备。
  • Employing units should fully estimate situations whether the labor dispute is applicable to the "final and binding of arbitration award". They should be well prepared and collect all evidences during the labor arbitration period.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京公积金利率下调0.25%

    Loan Rate with Housing Provident Fund Reducing by 0.25% in Beijing


    Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center recently announced to reduce the loan rate with the housing provident fund by 0.25 per cent; after reduction, rate with borrowings for less than five years and more than five years becomes 3.75 per cent and 4.25 per cent, respectively.

  • 广东2017年落实带薪休假

    Guangdong Plans to Implement Paid Leave by 2017


    Guangdong Provincial Government recently issued an opinion, stating to well implement the paid annual leave system province-wide by the year 2017. Employees are entitled to normal wages during their paid annual leaves.

  • 湖北:住房公积金贷款允许家庭代际互助

    Hubei: Allowing Intergenerational Intra-Family Assistance with Housing Provident Fund


    Hubei Provincial Government recently promulgated the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Housing Provident Fund. According to the document, intergenerational assistance with housing provident fund is allowed within a family. When buying a house, the person who has been contributing housing provident fund can apply to withdraw the housing provident fund contributed by his parents and children at the same time.

  • 央企负责人薪酬改革或明年1月实施

    Remuneration Reforms for Executives of Central Enterprises May Be Implemented from January Next Year


    Media reports say that remuneration reform programs for executives of central enterprises have been prepared and will be officially implemented on January 2015. Meanwhile, the state will set up the remuneration information disclosure system, to publicize the remuneration level, welfare incomes, and other remuneration information of executives of central enterprises to the public according to information disclosure rules of listed companies, regardless of whether the central enterprise is listed or not.

  • 调查显示:我国企业未来用工将保持温和增长

    Survey: Employment in China Will Remain Moderate Growth


    According to a recent report of Chinese entrepreneur survey system, employment will continue to grow moderately in China for some time to come. Wherein, recruitment demand by enterprises for college graduates, which has showed upward trend in recent years, will be significantly higher than that for migrant workers next year.

  • 27.6%


    A recent survey shows that, college graduates still favor state-owned enterprises (27.6 per cent) the most when choosing a job, followed by foreign-funded enterprises (24.3 per cent) and large private enterprises (22.8 per cent).

  • 4


    The China Labor Market Report 2014 compiled by Beijing Normal University shows that, 90 per cent industries in China have over 40 working hours per week, with a majority of industries having more than 4 hours of overtime each week.

  • 55.4%

    智联招聘日前发布的《2014年秋季白领跳槽指数调研报告》显示, 90后职场人中,有跳槽想法的比例为55.4%,而在80后群体中,这一比例为47.3%。

    Zhaopin recently released the White Collar Job Hopping Index Research Report in Fall of 2014. According to the report, 55.4 per cent of employees born in 90s have the intention to quit their jobs, while the number among the 80's is only 47.3 per cent.

  • 88%


    The Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report 2014 shows that, on average 9 out of 10 respondents in China (88%) hold a positive view toward entrepreneurship, while internationally the average number is only 75 per cent, much lower than Chinese respondents.

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