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#116  Mar 06, 2015    email version


What should be noted during the termination of the labor contract for posts with exposure to occupational disease hazards?


If the employee is identified as having not contracted occupational disease, the case can be handled as normal termination process. If the employee is diagnosed as having contracted occupational disease, the case shall be handled as work-related injury process.

  • 职业禁忌症=职业病?
  • Occupational contraindication = occupation disease?
  • 职业禁忌其实不等同于职业病。因此,公司无需向对待职业病患者那样向职业禁忌症人员给付工伤待遇和有关赔偿。
  • Occupational contraindication is not occupational disease. So your company does not have to give the employee the benefits and compensation for occupational contraindication.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 失业保险费率由3%降至2%

    Unemployment Insurance Rate Reduced from 3% to 2%


    On a recent State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, the unemployment insurance rate was reduced from the existing 3% to 2%.

  • 两部门:高级职称女性专业技术人员延至60岁退休

    Two Departments: Deferring the Retirement Age of Female Professional Technicians with Senior Titles to 60


    The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a notice, saying that female cadres at the division chief or deputy division chief level and female professional technicians with senior titles shall retire at 60 full years. The notice will be enacted as of March 1.

  • 广东:企业职工最低工资平均标准提高19%

    Guangdong: Raising Minimum Wage of Enterprise Employees by 19% on Average


    According to Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Guangdong will raise the minimum wage standards for enterprise employees and that for part-time employees on May 1. As the province hasn't adjusted the minimum wage in two years, the increase level of this year would be relatively significant, increasing by 19% on average.

  • 北京:住房公积金存贷款利率下调

    Beijing: Deposit and Loan Rate with Housing Provident Fund Decreased


    Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center has recently issued a notice, adjusting the deposit and loan rate with the housing provident fund from March 1. Upon adjustment, the interest rate for loans of five and less years will become 3.5%, and that for loans of more than five years will become 4%.

  • 10.41%


    According to the hot spot survey conducted by Xinhua News Agency, as of the opening of the CPPCC session on 3 p.m. of March 3, income distribution (10.41%), food and drug safety (10.31%), social insecurity (10.28%), environmental protection (10.24%), and heavy weight anti-corruption (9.67%) were among the most concerned as voted by Internet users.

  • 70000


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has recently promulgated the China Remuneration Development Report 2013-2014. According to the report, the first echelon of highest wage levels is Beijing and Shanghai, with average salary for workers of urban employing units exceeding RMB 70,000 in 2012.

  • 96.68%


    Based on data on moe.gov.cn, there are 5.777 million graduates from secondary vocational schools (including ordinary specialized secondary schools, vocational high schools, specialized secondary schools for adjusts, and technician training schools). Among them, 5.5854 million have been employed, with an employment rate of 96.68%.

  • 181.6万


    According to statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, urban workers handled inter-province endowment insurance transfer formalities at 1.816 million person-times in 2014, including 469,000 person-times by migrant workers. Accordingly, RMB 34.62 billion of endowment insurance funds were transferred inter-provincially.

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