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#12  Dec 28, 2012    email version

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 劳动合同法修正案草案二审

    Employment Contract Law Amendment Draft second review


    The 30th meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of National People’s Congress continues to review the Employment Contract Law Amendment Draft. The draft focuses again on “service dispatching”, further clarifies that the service dispatching should not become the main channel of usage of service by companies to prevent from the abuse of the service dispatching. The draft also further details the principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

  • 财政部:明年起取消和免征30项行政事业性收费

    Finance Ministry: 30 items of administration fee charges will be cancelled and exempted starting from next year


    According to relevant requirements by State Council, starting from the 1 January 2013, 30 items of administration fee charges will be cancelled and exempted.

  • 明年起人事档案保管费平均降近40%

    Personnel file custody fee will be decreased about 40% on average starting from next year


    National Development and Reform Committee issued a notice stating that the personnel file custody fee will be largely decreased, the decrease on average is about 40%.

  • 2012中国企业离职率远高于全球

    The dimission rate of Chinese enterprises is far beyond worldwide level


    According to the investigation report recently issued by Towers Watson, the dimmision rate of China has reached 44%, far beyond worldwide level (33%) and Asia Pacific level(32%).

  • 10亿


    According to “China and World Economic Development Report(2013)” recently published by the State Information Centre and Social Sciences Academic Press (China), the total employment population of China will reach the peak next year and exceed 1 billion for the first time. It means that the employment situation next year will be more rigorous.

  • 9.43%


    According to “the Investigation Outcome of the Compensation Update” published by human resources institution Career International, the average compensation increase for the interviewed enterprises is 9.43% for year 2013, which falls the lowest level since 2010. The average compensation increase for management team members is 9.03% and 9.78% for non-management staffs.

  • 20%


    According to the “the 6th Human Resources Index” published by Xinhua News Agency Economic Information Daily and Seebon Human Resources Index Research Institute , the aggregate employment in the production industry has decreased over 20% for the first three quarters this year.

  • 6万


    According to “Investigation Report On The Employment Rate of Returned Graduates Abroad “ published by the international education service provider EIC, over 70% of Chinese graduates abroad choose to return to China for job opportunities. The annual pay of their first jobs after returning to China is not high in general, 36.5% of those returning to China whose starting pay is less than RMB 40 thousands, 67.2% of those returning to China whose starting pay is less than RMB 60 thousands.

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