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Difference between labor dispatch and labor outsourcing


If any damage is caused to the dispatched employees during the labor dispatch, the labor-receiving entity shall bear joint and several liability; while the outsourcer assumes no legal liability to the employees of the contractor.

  • 劳务派遣用工判定
  • Identification of labor dispatch
  • 对于确有劳务外包需求的发包方因服务或产品质量“被动”地介入到承包方劳动力的管理和控制时,认定标准的不确定性就凸现出来了。
  • In the event that an outsourcer who really demands for labor outsourcing is “passively” involved in the management and control over the employees of the contractor for the purpose of service or product quality, the uncertainty of the identification standards appears outstanding.
  • 劳务派遣和劳务外包认定中的难点
  • Difficulties in identifying labor dispatch and labor outsourcing
  • 对于劳务外包来说,存在发包方因对服务或产品质量控制的客观需要,部分介入到外包服务或产品生产过程,从而不可避免的形成对外包方劳动者一定程度上的管理和控制。此种情况下如何认定?
  • In the labor outsourcing relationship, the outsourcer should be involved somehow in the outsourcing service or product production to objectively control the service or product quality, thus it shall inevitably have certain management and control over the employees of the contractor. Therefore, how to make identification in such case?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人大法工委:2020年前不再出台新的税收条例

    Legal Work Committee of NPC: no new taxation regulation will be produced before 2020


    The person in charge of the Legal Work Committee of NPC said recently that no new taxation regulation will be released before 2020 in order to implement the principle of statutory taxation. For any new tax type to be imposed, relevant legislative draft will be made and submitted to the Standing Committee of NPC for discussion.

  • 两部门:正副处级女干部60周岁退休

    Two Departments: female party cadre at the level of division chief or deputy division chief should retire at the age of 60


    The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice recently, requiring that the female cadres at the level of division chief or deputy division chief working in the Party and government organizations and civil associations, as well as those female technicians with senior professional title and female cadres at equivalent level engaged in party and administrative work in public institutions should retire at the age of 60.

  • 深圳:入深人才最高可享1.2万住房补贴

    Shenzhen: the talents in Shenzhen may enjoy a maximum housing allowance of 12000 yuan


    Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau says that the talents introduced into Shenzhen after Jan. 1st, 2015 may apply for housing allowance at the website of this bureau. Its standard is 6000 yuan/person for those with bachelor's degree, 9000 yuan/person for those with master's degree, and 12000 yuan/person for those with doctor's degree.

  • 上海未来5年欲集聚20万创业者

    Shanghai will gather 200000 entrepreneurs in 5 years


    Mr. Chen Jie, Deputy Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, recently announced the Action Plan of Huangpu River Entrepreneurship. The plan specifies that Shanghai will strongly promote the establishment and development of scientific and technological pioneering companies in the next 5 years. These companies will gather over 200000 entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology, including white collar workers, university students, experienced entrepreneurs, and overseas entrepreneurs etc.

  • 2015年大学生最佳雇主排名 谷歌位列第一

    Google ranks the first in the ranking of best employers for university students in 2015

    市场咨询公司Universum Global对275所大学超过3200名学计算机科学专业大学生的调查显示,搜索巨头谷歌在大学生最佳雇主排名中位列第一,跟随其后的是微软、苹果、亚马逊和Facebook,三星排名第15位,特斯拉排名第17位,雅虎第24位。

    Universum Global, a consulting company, makes a survey of over 3200 students majored in computer science from 275 universities, showing that Google ranks the first in the ranking of best employers for university students. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook follows. Samsung ranks the 15th. Tesla ranks the 17th. And Yahoo ranks the 24th.

  • 2020


    From April 1st of this year, Shanghai will promote several standards of people's livelihood. The minimum monthly wages will be adjusted from 1820 yuan to 2020 yuan, and the minimum hourly wages will be promoted from 17 yuan to 18 yuan.

  • 5590


    According to the statistics released by MyCOS, a survey organization, the average salary of the students with bachelor's degree, master's degree, and those from higher vocational schools who have signed labor contract in 2015 is 3694, 5590, and 3133 yuan respectively.

  • 47.8%

    智联招聘刚刚发布的数据表示,47.8% 的白领已经在春节前后更新了状态“在找工作中”,而有 13.7% 的白领已经办理了离职或新工作的入职手续。也就是说,超过半数的白领在春季选择跳槽。

    The statistics released by Zhilian Recruitment show that 47.8% of white collar workers updated their status to "finding job" around the Spring Festival, and 13.7% of white collar workers have completed their resignation or entry formalities. That is to say, over half of white collar workers choose to change their jobs in spring.

  • 8.2%


    CIIC HR Survey Center released statistics recently, showing that the actual remuneration of the employees working in Shanghai increased by 8.3% in 2014, and this rate will be further slowed to 8.2% in 2015. While the growth rate of remuneration for newly-emerged hi-tech industries will be over 10%.

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