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#121  Apr 09, 2015    email version


Change of position and payment of salary of company's senior manager


The employee is the General Manager of the corporation engaged or dismissed by the board of directors, which is not governed by the labor law. So this position cannot be adjusted pursuant to the labor law. When the employee is incompetent for the position of general manager, it should be adjusted according to the provisions of the company law.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 中共中央、国务院下发《关于构建和谐劳动关系的意见》

    CPC Central Committee and State Council Issuing the Opinions on the Building of Harmonious Labor Relations


    The CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the Opinions on the Building of Harmonious Labor Relations, covering the full implementation of the labor contract system, the enactment of collective consultation and collective contract system, the improvement of tripartite mechanism on the coordination of labor relations, etc.

  • 国务院发布机关事业单位职业年金办法

    State Council Issuing the Measures on Occupational Pension for Government Departments and Public Institutions


    The General Office of the State Council has printed and issued the Measures on Occupational Pension for Government Departments and Public Institutions, stating that costs required for occupational pension shall be split between the employing unit and the individual worker. Wherein, the employing unit shall contribute 8% of the employee's total salary amount at the unit, while the employee shall contribute 4% of his taxation-based salary, which will be withheld by the employing unit.

  • 广东出台恶意欠薪入刑标准

    Guangdong Introduced Crimination Standards for Malicious Back Pay


    Guangdong Provincial Higher People's Court recently promulgated the Standards for Crimination of Cases of Refusing to Pay Labor Remunerations, regulating that those delaying the payment of salary for over three months with a cumulative amount over RMB10,000 will be criminalized.

  • 深圳:一次性工亡补助金提至57万元

    Shenzhen: Raising Once-off Subsidy for Work-related Deaths to RMB570,000


    Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued a notice to adjust the once-off subsidy for deaths caused by work accidents in 2015, raising the amount from RMB539,100 in 2014 to RMB576,880.

  • 上海医保提高“封顶线”

    Shanghai Medical Insurance Increasing the "Cap"


    Shanghai municipal government announced that from April 1, 2015 onwards, the maximum payment amount by the pooling fund of basic medical insurance for Shanghai workers and the small town medical insurance fund will be raised from RMB360,000 to RMB390,000; medical costs beyond the "cap" amount can still enjoy 80% reimbursement.

  • 39186.46亿


    According to the budget report recently released by the Ministry of Finance, the social insurance fund had a revenue of RMB3918.646 billion and an expenditure of RMB3366.912 in 2014, with a rolling balance of RMB5040.876 at the end of the year.

  • 1850


    Tianjin has recently adjusted the minimum wage standards from RMB1680 yuan/month and RMB9.7 yuan/hour to RMB1850 yuan/month and RMB10.6 yuan/hour, respectively.

  • 2%


    Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has recently announced to decrease the overall unemployment insurance rate by 1% from 3% in current interim regulations to 2%.

  • 94.6%


    The Health Management Center of Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. released the White Paper on the Health Index of Shanghai White-collar Workers 2015. According to the document, the abnormality rate of white-collar workers detected during physical check-ups has been rising constantly in the past five years, from 83.9% in 2010 to 94.6% in 2014.

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