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#124  May 08, 2015    email version


Difficulties on Paid Annual Leave


How should the "cumulative length of service" be calculated?Is it reasonable to use "cumulative length of service"?How should "working continuously for more than one year" be defined?200% and 300%, which one to implement?

  • 员工年休假期间能否停发绩效奖金?
  • Can Performance Bonuses Be Suspended During Leaves?
  • 如果在劳动合同中已经和该员工约定好其工资构成中的绩效奖金部分系按照其级别而定,而不因其他事项而影响奖金发放,该员工在休假期间,是无权停发员工的绩效奖金的,而应按照以往的标准继续发放。
  • If your company has specified in the labor contract that the employee's performance bonus is subject to his job level without being affected by other matters, then you are not entitled to suspend the release of his performance bonus during his paid annual leave but should continue to pay the bonus based on former standards.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:小微企业新招毕业生可享1年社保补贴

    State Council: Graduates newly recruited by small and micro enterprises can enjoy 1 year of social insurance subsidy


    The State Council recently issued the Opinion on Further Fulfilling Employment and Business Start-up Jobs under the New Situation and pointed out that the college graduates newly recruited by small and micro enterprises can enjoy a year of social insurance subsidy.

  • 北京三中院发布2014-2015劳动争议年度观察

    The Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing issued the 2014-2015 Labor Dispute Annual Observation


    The Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing recently issued the 2014-2015 labor dispute annual observation and reported the case judgment observation and combined analysis. In 2014, a total of 3,147 labor dispute cases were concluded by the third intermediate people’s court, with the case settlement rated up to 99.96%.

  • 广东调整最低工资标准

    Guangdong adjusts the minimum wage standard


    The Department of Human Resources and Social Insurance of Guangdong Province announced that Guangdong will adjust the minimum wage standard of enterprise employees and the minimum wage standard of non-full-time employees into four grades specifically from May 1, of which, Guangzhou will implement the highest first-grade standard, namely RMB1,895/month.

  • 30


    Zhaopin.com recently released the Report on Chinese Employer Demands and White-collar Talent Supply in Spring 2015 showing that medium-sized enterprises are the first choice of white-collar job-seekers in spring 2015 and the talent supply and demand competition index (the number of received resumes/the number of released posts) exceeded 30.

  • 66%


    The talent solution institution Hudson recently released the latest survey report showing that the “higher payment” is the primary concerned factor of Chinese workers in seeking new jobs in 2015. (66% people receiving the survey all take it as the most concerned factor)

  • 1200


    The Department of Human Resources and Social insurance of Guangdong Province announced the adjustment of the basic old-age pension amount of enterprise retirees this year. Enterprise retirees at least 75 years old will obtain the old-age pension of RMB1,200 one time.

  • 14153


    The 2015 Q1 resident income data were released successively throughout China. By April 27, 25 provinces (regions and cities) nationwide have released the urban per capita disposable income in the first quarter, of which, Shanghai topped the list by RMB14,153.

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