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#125  May 15, 2015    email version


What benefits will be enjoyed if having a “selective second child”?


What is China’s Selective Second Child Policy?What benefits will be enjoyed if having a “selective second child”? What benefits will not be enjoyed if having “selective second child”?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 今年养老金亏空将超3000亿

    The old-age pension shortfall exceeds RMB300 billion this year


    The 2015 national social insurance fund budget released recently showed that the old-age pension insurance “shortfall” will exceed RMB300 billion in 2015 after eliminating the financial subsidy.

  • 沪公积金支付房租操作细则公布

    Shanghai releases the detailed operation rules for paying the house rent with the housing provident


    Shanghai recently released the detailed operation rules for paying the house rent with the housing provident, stipulating that for those who rent the houses in the city, the monthly amount of money withdrawn by each family is not allowed to exceed the actual rent of the month, with the highest monthly withdrawn limit of RMB2, 000.

  • 北京下调公积金贷款利率

    Beijing reduces the housing provident loan interest rate


    Beijing Housing Fund Management Center announced that the housing fund deposit and loan interest rate will be reduced in Beijing from May 11. The housing fund loan interest rate below five years (inclusive) is adjusted to 3.25% from 3.5%; the loan interest rate above five years is adjusted to 3.75% from 4%.

  • 广东官方首次发布工资指导价

    Guangdong official first releases the salary guide price


    The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province first released the “2014 Guangdong human resource market salary guide price”. The per capita labor cost of Guangdong enterprises is RMB61,610 per year, of which the manufacturing industry has RMB57,422/person per year. The investigation also shows that the labor cost of Guangdong enterprises takes up 31.75% of the total cost of enterprises.

  • 2015年高校毕业生薪酬榜发布

    The 2015 college graduates pay list released


    The Standard Ranking (China) Institute made the 2015 Chinese College Graduates Pay Ranking List based on the professional job-hunting website. The top three in the list are Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics respectively. From the location of universities, a half of top 10 are located in Beijing and a half in Shanghai.

  • 240亿


    According to the statistics of the State Administration of Taxation, influenced by the policy of income tax reduction by half and the policy of value-added tax and business tax temporary exemption, the tax abatement of small and micro enterprises reached RMB24 billion in the first quarter.

  • 6228.5


    According to the survey released by Beijing Youth League Municipal Committee, there are about 619,000 young people employed in the internet industry in Beijing, with the monthly average income of RMB6, 228.5, far beyond other industries. However, the working duration of 49.6% people exceeds 8 hours and 55.4% cannot get the overtime pay.

  • 4276


    The 2015 New Blue Collar Salary Research Report jointly released by Peking University Market and Media Research Center and ganji.com shows that the average monthly salary of the new blue collar reaches RMB3,163 in 2015, while the average monthly salary of Shanghai new blue collar has reached RMB4,276, coming out top in China.

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