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#128  Jun 05, 2015    email version


Issues concerning witness testimony in labor disputes


雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广州:今起发高温津贴150元/人·月

    Guangzhou: The high temperature subsidy of RMB150/per person/month to be issued from today on


    Guangzhou Municipal Human Resource Department revealed that employing units should issue the high temperature subsidy on a monthly basis from June to October. The standard of the high temperature subsidy is RMB150 per person per month this year. If converted on a daily basis according to the rules, the high temperature subsidy is RMB6.9 per person per day.

  • 北京:企业裁员须提前30日召开职工大会

    Beijing: Enterprises shall convene the workers' assembly 30 days ahead of time to decide on downsizing


    The Methods for Beijing to Implement “PRC Labor Union Law” (Revised Draft) was submitted for deliberation recently. The Draft stipulates that enterprises shall convene the worker’s assembly 30 days ahead of time to decide on downsizing.

  • 江苏:6月起工伤保险条例新办法实施

    Jiangsu: The new methods of Regulations on Work-related injury insurance put into effect from June


    On June 1, The Methods for Jiangsu to Implement the Regulations on Work-related injury insurance was formally put into effect. The work-related injury insurance will not be just restricted to enterprises, and all employees of organizations and institutions in Jiangsu shall participate in the insurance.

  • Linkedin发布《2015年人才趋势报告》

    Lindedin releases the 2015 Talent Trend Report


    The social website Linkedin recently released the 2015 Talent Trend Report showing that the primary factor that Chinese talents consider when accepting jobs is salary (51%), followed by career development (45%), corporate culture (26%) and work-life balance (25%).

  • 韬睿惠悦:低通胀率驱动2015年亚太地区薪酬增幅

    Towers Watson: Low inflation rate drives the Asia-Pacific region to increase salary in 2015

    专业咨询机构韬睿惠悦近日发布《2015年亚太地区薪酬预算规划报告》,预期2015年亚太地区薪酬平均增幅为7%。调研还显示,80% 的受访者在接下来12个月计划雇佣新员工。

    The professional consultative agency Towers Watson recently issued the 2015 Asia-Pacific Salary Budget Planning Report anticipating that the average growth of the salary in Asia Pacific will be 7% in 2015. The research also shows that 80% respondents plan to hire new employees in the following 12 months.

  • 18.39


    Beijing Youth Stress Management Service Center released the Survey Report on the Employment Stress of Chinese University Students showing that university students’ average expected salary rose by RMB1,830 as against that of 2014, up to RMB5,510. Meanwhile, the employment stress feel mean value is 18.39 this year, obviously higher than that of 2014.

  • 49969


    The National Bureau of Statistics issued the main data of national average pay of 2014 showing that the average wage of all employees of surveyed units is RMB49,969 and the average wage of employees of national urban non-private units and private units are RMB56,339 and RMB36,390 respectively.

  • 40万


    A recent survey shows that Chinese companies invested USD46 billion in the US since 2000, mostly completed in the past five years. The report predicts that Chinese investment in the US will increase to USD100-200 billion by 2020 and create 200,000-400,000 jobs.

  • 9.0%


    The Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province recently released a report showing that the annual average pay of employees of Guangdong urban private units was RMB41,295 in 2014, actually growing by 9.0% after deducting the commodity price factor, and the annual average pay of employees of urban non-private units was RMB59,481, actually increasing by 9.1% after taking out the commodity price factor.

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