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#129  Jun 12, 2015    email version


Dispute on Termination of Labor Contract by Branch Company


A branch set up by the parent company does not enjoy the status of enterprise legal person, nor has independent corporate properties. In reality, property, personnel and management matters of a branch are managed and decided by its parent company, and civil liabilities that cannot be borne by the branch will be borne by its parent company.

  • 如何正确使用业务外包?
  • How to use the business outsourcing properly?
  • 派遣跟外包还有诸多不同之处:主体差异、关系差异、费用支付差异、管理差异等等。但是这些毕竟都只是表象,其实质劳务派遣购买的是劳动力,而外包则是劳动力创造的最终产品或者服务。
  • There are many differences between labor dispatch and outsourcing: the difference in respect of subject, relationship, payment of charges, and management etc. These are only superficial phenomenon after all. The essential difference lies in that people purchase labor force in case of labor dispatch while the product or service created by labor force in case of outsourcing.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 公安部:扩大申请在华永久居留外国人工作单位范围

    Ministry of Public Security: Expand the working unit scope of expatriates who apply for permanent residence in China


    The Ministry of Public Security decided after research to expand the working unit scope of expatriates who apply for permanent residence in China. From now on, expatriates who work in seven kinds of enterprises and public institutions including national-recognized enterprise technology centers, national engineering and technological research centers and foreign investment research centers, and meet related conditions can apply for permanent residence in China.

  • 广州:连续足额缴存半年可申请贷款

    Guangzhou: Those who deposit the full-amount housing provident fund continuously for half a year can apply for the housing loan


    Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Committee decided to adjust the individual housing loan policy of housing provident funds from June 8, 2015, and those who deposit the full-amount housing provident fund continuously for more than six months (including) in Guangzhou can apply for the individual housing loan of housing provident funds.

  • 上海:自贸区将率先实行放宽的人才政策

    Shanghai: Free Trade Zone will take the lead to implement the flexible talent policy


    To speed up more active talent policy to march towards the global scientific and technological innovation center, Shanghai will take the lead to try in the free trade zone. The innovative measures include further relaxing the restrictions on foreign experts’ green card and canceling the work permit age limit of foreign high-level scientific and technological innovative talents who meet a certain conditions.

  • 武汉规定女职工怀孕不得加班

    Wuhan stipulates that pregnant female workers are not allowed to work overtime


    The newly revised Wuhan Female Workers Labor Protection Method stipulates that employers are not allowed to arrange overtime or night shift for female workers who are in the breastfeeding period and should give them the nursing time for two times every day, not less than 30 minutes every time.

  • 5258.3


    The latest report shows that the average annual salary of nationwide in-service staff below 35 years old is RMB46,100, equivalent to the monthly salary of RMB3,841.7, of which, Shanghai respondents’ average monthly pay is RMB5, 258.3, following behind Beijing and Guangzhou and ranking the third place in China.

  • 10%


    Chinese women in high position in the business and political circles are also very few. Bain & Company’s survey shows that the proportion of women in senior management positions is less than 10%.

  • 32


    A recent survey from Britain indicates that people’s satisfaction to their career reaches the peak at the age of 32. During the period of time before people assume family responsibilities, they enjoy their work most.

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