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Can private life make a cause for termination of labor contract?


For any act by an employee that materially violates public order and moral or laws and regulations, even if such act is not included as an act of serious violation of discipline in the rules and regulations of the enterprise, the termination of labor contract by the employer for the foregoing act will be legally supported.

  • 有准生证的第二胎能享受产假吗?
  • Can employees having a second child but with birth permit enjoy maternity leave?
  • 根据《女职工劳动保护特别规定》,女员工生育的应享受其产假98天。所以,无论是第二胎还是非婚生子女,女员工要求休产假的,均应给予产假。
  • According to the Special Provisions on the Protection of Women Workers, female employees are entitled to enjoy a maternity leave of 98 days. As a result, female employees bearing a child shall be granted with the maternity leave, no matter whether it is the second child or child borne out of wedlock.
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  • 2014年全国住房公积金年度报告出炉

    2014 national housing provident fund annual report released


    The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development joined with the Ministry of Finance and People's Bank of China to disclose the 2014 national housing provident fund annual report showing that by the end of 2014, the number of employees who deposit the housing provident fund reached 118.7739 million in China, increasing by 9.19% year-on-year. The total amount withdrawn at the end of year came to 3,780.626 billion, accounting for 50.51% of the total amount deposited, of which, RMB 571.452 billion was withdrawn for the housing consumption, taking up 75.37% of the total amount.

  • 广东:每月10日前不发上月工资最高可罚20万

    Guangdong: Employers who do not pay the salary of last month before the tenth day of the month will be punished RMB200,000 at highest


    According to Guangdong Wage Payment Rules (Draft), Guangdong plans to stipulate that enterprises shall pay wages on a monthly basis and the pay day is not allowed to be later than the 10th day of the next month. Employers who pay wages overdue or underpay workers without legal reasons will be identified as arrears of salary payment and will be fined RMB200, 000 at highest.

  • 广州拟试行开展个人住房公积金贴息贷款业务

    Guangzhou plans to carry out personal housing provident fund subsidized loan transaction


    Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Center recently announced that Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Committee has deliberated and agreed in principle to the trial implementation of personal housing provident fund subsidized loan transaction and the personal housing mortgage backed securitization transaction that it proposed.

  • 江苏:单位拖欠社保费将被列入黑名单

    Jiangsu: Units who default in social insurance fee will be listed in the blacklist


    “Jiangsu Management Methods for Social Insurance Fee Default (trial)” will take effect from July 1. According to the method, employers defaulting in social insurance fee belong to the behavior of breaching promises. Relevant departments will take punishment measures according to different credit breaking degrees.

  • 102268


    According to statistics, at least 20 provinces have released their average pay of 2014 in China at present, of which, Beijing’s average pay tops the list. In 2014, the average income of employees of urban non-private units reached RMB102, 268 in Beijing. Beijing is the only area that broke RMB100, 000 in China at present.

  • 3


    A study shows that in the latter half of the century, China’s average per capita income growth will reach two or three times the growth of America. However, under so fast growth, China’s average per capita income level is still half of that of American people.

  • 92.1%


    The research firm MyCOS Research Institute recently released the 2015 Chinese University Student Employment Report showing that the employment rate of 2014 university graduates reached 92.1% half a year later, and the rate has kept rising for 4 consecutive years. Meanwhile, graduates’ monthly income half a year later amounted to RMB3, 487.

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