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#133  Jul 10, 2015    email version


Legal framework of special working hour systems and application of specific regulations


“Special working hour systems” are marked most obviously and directly with the necessary prior administrative examination and approval for them, different from the “flexible working hour system” (under which employees can arrange their daily fixed number of working hours in no consistency with the employer’s attendance policy and for which no prior administrative examination and approval is necessary). Generally, no special working hour system shall be applied without examination and approval .

  • 不定时工作制和综合计算工时制异同比较
  • The comparison of comprehensive working hour system and non-fixed working hour system
  • 实行综合计算工时工作制的员工,在综合计算工时周期内,员工实际工作时间达到正常工作时间后,用人单位安排员工工作的,视为延长工作时间,按照不低于员工本人标准工资或者计件工资的百分之一百五十支付员工加班工资。
  • For an employee applying the comprehensive working hour system, after he/she actually works for standard working hours in a cycle of the comprehensive working hour system, he/she shall be deemed working overtime if the employer arranges him/her additional work, and no less than 150% of the employee’s standard salary or piecework wage shall be paid as overtime pay.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 四部门发通知:不得以防暑降温饮料冲抵高温津贴

    Four ministries issue a notice: The high temperature subsidy is not allowed to be offset with heatstroke prevention drinks


    Four ministries including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the “Notice on Doing Well the Heatstroke Prevention Work” requiring local areas should issue the high temperature subsidy and stressing that the high temperature subsidy is not allowed to be offset with heatstroke prevention drinks.

  • 上海发布人才新政20条

    Shanghai issues 20 new talent policies


    The Shanghai Municipal Government recently issued new talent policies divided into four parts and 20 clauses, aiming to innovate more competitive talent agglomeration system. In addition to the policy on shortening the time from temporary residence to permanent residence, the housing purchase restriction policy will be fine tuned for eligible persons.

  • 广东省印发户籍制度改革实施意见

    Guangdong issues the implementation opinions for the household registration system reform


    The Guangdong Provincial Government recently issued the implementation opinions for the household registration system reform recently and proposed that people who work legitimately and stably full to five years, have stable legal residence, and participate in social insurance full to five years in Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan and Zhongshan as well as their spouses, minor children and parents living together with them can apply for registered permanent residence in the local areas.

  • 深圳改革企业登记实行多证合一

    Shenzhen reforms enterprise registration and implements multiple certificates combined in one


    Shenzhen recently issued the first business license “combining multiple certificates in one” and “one license with one code”. The business license contains all functions of multiple licenses in the past like the business license, the organization code certificate, the tax registration certificate and the social insurance registration certificate. Meanwhile, the reform measures such as enterprise name independent application and registration, and enterprise simple cancellation were also launched together.

  • 上海科创中心系列出入境政策实施细则出炉

    The enforcement regulations for a series of exit and entry policies of Shanghai Scientific and Technical Innovation Center released


    Shanghai Police recently released the enforcement regulations and supporting measures for supporting a series of exit and entry policies of Shanghai Scientific and Technical Innovation Center. The new policy measures involving foreigner visa, stay and residence, permanent residence and other aspects will be first put into effect on a national scale. After the new policies are implemented, applicants with the employment permit can directly apply for the work visa at the Shanghai Port.

  • 1.6%


    The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a notice that the personal housing provident fund deposit interest rate will be lowered from June 28, 2015. The personal housing provident fund deposit interest rate collected in the current year remains unchanged at 0.35%; the personal housing provident fund deposit interest rate carried forward last year is lowered by 0.25% percentage points to 1.6% from 1.85%.

  • 6054


    From July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, Shenzhen social security payment bases and treatment calculations and payments involving the monthly average wages of on-post staffs in the previous year in Shenzhen will be counted according to the standard of RMB6,054 per month.

  • 1808


    Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Center reveals that from July 1, 2015, the deposit bases of housing provident fund deposit units are not allowed to be lower than RMB1,808.

  • 22,700


    The 2015 Development Report on Chinese College-Graduate Village Officials issued recently pointed out that there were a total of more than 22,700 college-graduate village officials starting up their business by the end of 2014, with nearly 17,000 entrepreneurial programs.

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