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Key points in terminating labor contract on incompetence


In the case the employer intends to terminate the labor contract based on the serious violation of rules and regulations by the employees, the people’s court and the arbitration commissions shall review the legality of the proceedings of formulating the rules and regulations of the employers, and whether the disciplinary violations of the employee are provided in such rules and regulations, and fairness and reasonableness of the provisions regarding the serious disciplinary violations of the employee.

  • 以“不胜任”解除劳动合同的操作要点
  • Key points in terminating labor contract on serious disciplinary violation
  • 员工不胜任工作岗位后,用人单位可以对员工进行单方调岗,或者进行培训。调岗或者培训后,员工仍然不胜任的,才能提前30天书面通知或者支付一个月代通知金后解除劳动关系。
  • After the employee is proven to be incompetent for the position, the employer may shift his/her position or carry out training for him/her. Only if the employee remains incompetent after reassignment or training, can the company terminate the labor relationship by giving a 30 days written notice or by payment of one month salary in lieu of the notice.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家统计局:上半年城镇新增就业718万人

    National Bureau of Statistics: Add 7.18 million jobs in cities in H1


    The National Bureau of Statistics recently released the main economic data in the first half of this year showing that 7.18 million jobs were added in the first half year, completing 71.8% of the annual target.

  • 国务院:再取消62项职业资格许可

    State Council: Again cancel 62 professional qualification licenses


    Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council recently and decided to again cancel 62 professional qualifications including network advertising brokers, registered electronic traders, national foreign trade sales and port loaders on the basis of having canceled 149 professional qualifications last year.

  • 深圳公积金:8月起异地缴存者可申请首套房贷款

    Shenzhen housing provident fund: Those who deposit housing provident fund in other places can apply for the loan of the first house in August


    Shenzhen Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development revealed that Shenzhen census-register employees who deposit the housing provident fund in other places can also apply for the housing provident fund loan for the first house in Shenzhen from August 1.

  • 上海发布2015年企业工资增长指导线

    Shanghai releases the 2015 enterprise wage increase guideline


    Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the 2015 enterprise wage increase guideline specifically showing that the average line is 10%, the upper line 16% and the lower line 4%.

  • 5.06%


    Feng Nailin, Head of the Population and Employment Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, revealed that the national employment trend was stable on the whole in the first half of this year and the urban unemployment rate dropped to 5.06% in 31 big cities in June, the lowest point in the first half year, of which, the unemployment rate of university students also showed a declining trend in fluctuation.

  • 20160


    Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently released the salary guideline of 19 industries in Beijing in 2015, of which the minimum wage security line is RMB20,160, increasing RMB1,920 on a year-on-year basis.

  • 2


    The 2015 China Internet Recruitment Industry Report released recently showed that most internet employees live in the first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, especially most concentrated in Beijing, making up one third. Among employees, the number of male employees is about twice the number of the female.

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