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#136  Jul 31, 2015    email version


Legal issues concerning enterprise relocation


Article 17 of “Labor Contract Law” stipulates that the workplace shall be a requisite clause of a labor contract. Article 35 of the same law stipulates that employers and workers may alter the contents as stipulated in the labor contract upon consensus through consultation. It can be seen that any change involving workplace of employees shall be determined through consultation between the employer and employees.

  • 有中国绿卡的外籍员工如何签订合同?
  • How about foreign workers with Chinese green card?
  • 凡是符合领取“外国人永久居留证”,即俗称中国“绿卡”,在中国就业同中国公民就业的待遇是一样的,用人单位无须为其办理就业证。
  • Any foreigner with Foreigner Permanent Resident Permit, also called Chinese green card, can enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens when seeking employment in China, and the employer does not have to apply for Employment Permit for him/her. Foreigners with Chinese green card enter, perform and rescind labor contract in complete accordance with Labor Contract Law with no discrimination.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:养老金入市不会全面亏损

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Old-age pension entering in the stock market won’t meet comprehensive loss


    Li Zhong, Press Spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, recently revealed that as for the problem of old-age pension losses on investment, the old-age pension entering in the stock market won’t meet comprehensive loss, and there’s also countermeasures in case of losses, such as using the special risk reserve to make up the investment loss.

  • 深圳:部分未参保者也可享生育保险待遇

    Shenzhen: Some non-insured people can also enjoy maternity insurance treatment


    Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the employee maternity insurance regulations showing that some non-insured people can also enjoy the childbirth medical expense treatment, including the unemployed spouses of insured employees, employees who have joined the maternity insurance before unemployment and during the period of drawing the unemployment insurance benefit and those employees who have joined in maternity insurance before retirement.

  • 天津出台落实人才“绿卡”制度新政

    Tianjin issues and implements the new talent “green card” system


    Tianjin talent task leading group office and municipal human resource and social security bureau issued new policies that intermediate organs who help Tianjin employers introduce high-level talents qualified for the conditions of the green card “A” will be given the financial support of RMB20,000-200,000.

  • 大学生网店创业带动就业618万人

    Online stores opened by university students drive 6.18 million people to obtain employment


    China Association of Employment Promotion recently issued the project report showing that by the end of 2014, nationwide online stores directly drove more than 10 million people to obtain employment, of which, the online stores opened by university students drove about 6.18 million people to get jobs, with the rate of contribution up to 60%.

  • 每分钟诞生7家公司 互联网产业成创业潮主力

    7 companies are born every minute, internet industry becomes the main force in the business start-up tide


    According to the officially released data, there are more than 10,000 companies registering every day and 7 companies are born every minute on the average. From the industry trend of business start-up, the emerging industry represented by internet becomes one of the main forces for the business startup tide this time.

  • 75%


    51job.com recently released a survey result on “Fresh Graduates Breaking Interview Appointments” showing that the rate of fresh graduates breaking interview appointments again hit a new high and nearly 20% employers face more than 75% interview appointment breaking rate in recruiting fresh graduates.

  • 80%


    Linkedln recently released the 2015 Talent Trend Report showing that nearly 80% employees belong to passive-type talents in China and the proportion exceeds the global average value. Passive talents refer to those who know about opportunities with the help of personal relationships, are willing to communicate with recruiters and are completely satisfied with the current work, unwilling to change.

  • 70%

    人类与机器人之间的界限变得越来越模糊。B2B市场Expert Market对多个行业的200名职场经理人调查显示,70%高管愿意使用机器人代替白领工人。

    The boundary between human and robots is getting more and more vague. The Expert Market of B2B market made a survey on 200 workplace managers from multiple industries showing that 70% senior executives are willing to use robots to replace white-collar workers.

  • 800


    Recently, Hunan Provincial Government made an announcement in its official website showing that from 2015, Hunan will adjust the one-time job hunting subsidy for college graduates to the one-time job hunting and business startup subsidy for fresh graduates and the standard is RMB800 for each person.

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