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#137  Aug 07, 2015    email version


Termination of Employment with Senior Executives


The board can make a decision on dismissal of a senior executive “without cause”, but his employment relation should be terminated “for cause” which must be one of the statutory termination reasons as set forth in the PRC Employment Contract Law.

  • 台籍员工的劳动关系,如何处理?
  • How to handle the labor relationship with a Taiwan employee?
  • 如果公司决定强制单方解除的,那么我们建议寻找、收集该员工失职方面的证据;如果没有或者不充分的,要做到合法的强制性解除尚需一定时间。
  • If the Company opts for mandatory unilateral termination, we suggest that the Company should look for and collect evidence on the employee’s dereliction of duty; if such evidence is nonexistent or inadequate, a certain amount of time is required for lawful mandatory termination.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 两部门要求降低生育保险费率

    Two ministries require reducing the premium rate of maternity insurance


    Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the Notice about Properly Reducing the Premium Rate of Maternity Insurance requiring that regions where the surplus of the maternity insurance fund is beyond the reasonable reserve should reduce the premium rate. After adjustment this time, the fund raising proportion in some areas can drop 0.5 percentage points.

  • 上海发布新版《海外人才居住证管理办法》

    Shanghai issues new Overseas Talents Residence Permit Management Methods


    Shanghai Municipal People’s Government recently released the revised Shanghai Overseas Talent Residence Permit Management Method. There are two changes than before: First, the valid period of the overseas talent residence permit is extended to 1-5 years and 10 years from 1-5 years; second, the range of overseas talents who apply for residence permit is reduced to single foreigners from foreigners and the Taiwanese.

  • 异地缴存公积金可在深圳贷款买房

    Employees who deposit the housing provident fund in other places can buy houses on loans


    From August 1, Shenzhen hukou employees who deposit the housing provident fund in other places can apply for the housing provident fund loan of the first owner-occupied house in Shenzhen; for employees who once deposited the housing provident fund in other places and now deposit the housing fund less than 6 months in Shenzhen, when they apply to the center for the housing provident fund, the deposit time can be combined for calculation.

  • 深圳部分个人所得税起征标准提高

    The standards of some individual income taxes are raised in Shenzhen


    Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau revealed that Shenzhen adjusted the pre-tax deduction and tax exemption standards of some individual income taxes, such as the one-time compensation income as obtained by individuals after severing labor relations with employers is exempted from the individual income tax, the individual income tax deduction of the housing provident fund and the annuity individual payment. The adjustments above have taken effect from July 1 this year (taxation period).

  • 北京地区高等学校大学生创业最高补贴20万

    The highest subsidy for Beijing university students’ business startup up to RMB200,000


    Beijing Municipal Education Commission recently revealed that three projects related with Beijing university students’ employment and business startup will be put into effect in the future, of which, the supporting limit for each innovative creative practice teams is not more than RMB50,000 and the supporting limit for each business startup enterprise (team) is not more than RMB200,000.

  • 1%


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released the monitoring data about the labor force transfer of 500 villages in 10 provinces. In the first half year, the number of newly increased migrant workers in 500 villages reached 294,000, adding 3,000 year-on-year and only rising by 1%.

  • 1624


    Shenzhen revised the youth employment probation policy and the new policy will be formally put into effect from October 1, 2015. The employment probation subsidy for each person is raised to 80% of the minimum wage standard from RMB800 per month. Calculated by the current monthly minimum wage standard of RMB2,030, probationers can get the employment probation subsidy of RMB1,624 per month.

  • 106


    Recently, the ranking list of 2015 Fortune 500 enterprises was released, and there are 106 Chinese enterprises on the list, only second to the US. Sinopec surpassed Shell Oil and ranked the second, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China surpassed Apple Inc. and became the “Most Lucrative Enterprise” in the world.

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