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#139  Aug 20, 2015    email version


Difficult management issues for the high temperature subsidy


What is legal basis for issuing the high temperature subsidy?What are the specific conditions to give high temperature subsidy?Is the high temperature subsidy included in the minimum wage standard?Does the heatstroke belong to occupational injury under the working environment of high temperature?

  • 全国各区域高温津贴发放标准
  • Regional high temperature subsidy standards in China
  • 广东:劳动者从事露天岗位工作以及用人单位不能采取有效措施将作业场所温度降低到33℃以下(不含33℃)的(以下统称高温作业),用人单位从每年6月至10月,应当按月向劳动者发放高温津贴。
  • Guangdong: If laborers work under open-air environment and employers fail to take effective measures to reduce the workplace temperature to less than 33℃ (excluding 33℃) (hereinafter referred to as high temperature operation), the employers should pay the high temperature subsidy to laborers from June to October every year.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:9月3日放假期间加班应发放双倍工资或调休

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Workers who work overtime during Chinese Anti-Japanese War Victory Day should be paid double wages or take deferred holidays


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently announced that during the holiday period from September 3 to 5, employers who need to arrange laborers to work should pay for laborers and arrange deferred holidays; if unable to arrange deferred holidays, employers should pay wages not lower than 200% of the daily or hourly salary standards of laborers.

  • 国家旅游局:优化休假不能缩短法定工作时间

    China National Tourism Administration: To optimize holidays is not to shorten the legal working time


    An official from the China National Tourism Administration recently said that peak staggering holiday and flexible schedule should conform to people’s expectations, but on the premise of the stabilization and unification of national holidays, not to shorten the legal working time every week or directly make holiday arrangement on the afternoon of Friday.

  • 广东:员工稳定企业享稳岗补贴

    Guangdong: Enterprises with employee stability can enjoy steady post subsidy


    Guangdong recently released the opinions on employment and business startup showing that enterprises that have no downsizing, less downsizing and stable employment posts shall be given the steady post subsidy on the basis of a half of the total unemployment insurance premium paid by the enterprises and their employees last year and related funds are disbursed from the unemployment insurance fund.

  • 外国留学生可直接留沪就业

    Foreign overseas students can directly stay and obtain employment in Shanghai


    Shanghai started the direct employment pilot project for foreign overseas students after graduation in Shanghai. In future, foreign overseas students who obtain the master’s degree or above from colleges and universities in Shanghai can apply for foreigner employment formalities relying on the certificates issued by Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Zhangjiang High-Tech Zone Management Committee. This measure broke through the restriction that foreigners need two-year work experience to obtain employment in Shanghai.

  • 广州:取消独生子女奖励35天产假

    Guangzhou: The reward of 35-day maternity leave for the only child is canceled


    The Guangzhou Employee Maternity Insurance Implementation Methods to take effect on October 1 canceled the reward of 35-day maternity leave for the only child and the reward of 15-day maternity leave for late marriage and late childbirth, and male spouses’ holiday nursing salary will be borne by employers instead. At the same time, the one-off childbirth nutrition allowance and the childbirth allowance in grade one and two hospitals are cancelled, but the high-consumption childbirth can be reimbursed partially.

  • 22万


    After the social security of 2015 is started, calculated on the basis of three times the annual average income of employees last year, the payment limit for the serious illness subsidy of Guangzhou employees can be raised to more than RMB220,000; the medical insurance can be reimbursed up to RMB445,000 at highest.

  • 350万


    The latest report released by The Boston Consulting Group pointed out that the internet industry directly created about 1.7 million employment opportunities in China in 2014, expected to directly bring employment opportunities to about 3.5 million people in 2020.

  • 14.3%


    The newly released the 2015 Survey Report on the Employment and Business Startup of Chinese Overseas Returnees pointed out that among the top 10 major industries in which overseas returnees obtain employment, the financial industry is the most, up to 14.3%, followed by the trade/wholesale/retail industry, the real estate/building industry and the internet industry occupying 7.2%, 6.9% and 5.5% respectively.

  • 23.7


    The famous workplace social platform LinkedIn released the 2015 Report on Chinese Game Industry Talent Pool pointing out that the average in-service time of global game industry practitioners is 27.2 months, of which, the average in-service time in China is 23.7 months, the shortest.

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