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#14  Jan 09, 2013    email version


When the “service period” meets “probation period”


The purpose of the service period as specified in the Labor Contract Law is to protect the employer’s right to allocate work to its employee after the employer has made investment up front for the employee. However, what about if the service period meets the probation period?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京调高公积金贷款标准

    Beijing increased criteria for provident fund loan


    Beijing Housing Provident Fund Administration Centre recently announced its notice: the second-hand housing provident fund loan is restricted only to those who paid its contribution to housing provident fund and whose individual average construction square meter is less than 29.4(exclusive).

  • 《广东省劳动保障监察条例》5月起施行

    “Supervision of Labor Protection Rule of Guang Dong Province” effective in May


    “Supervision of Labor Protection Rule of Guang Dong Province” becomes effective on the 1st May 2013. The Rule provides relevant provisions on internal policy and rule of the employer, non-payment of the wages when due and employment management ledger.

  • 深圳:非户籍员工纳入失业保险

    Shenzhen: employees with non-Shenzhen household register shall be brought into the coverage of unemployment insurance


    Shenzhen Social Security Bureau published “comparison of the adjustment of social insurance payment proportion and payment base for enterprises’ employees of Shenzhen” this year. Effective on the 1st January, all employees of the employer shall be brought into the coverage of unemployment insurance. This treatment shall equally apply to both employees with and without household register of Shenzhen.

  • 广州拟定外来务工人员享失业保险

    Guangzhou has proposed that non-Guangzhou household register working in Guangzhou shall enjoy employment insurance

    《广州市就业失业登记办法》日前向社会公开征求意见。该办法拟规定,广州的外来务工人员领取失业证之后,同样 可以领取失业保险待遇,如果自行创业,还可以享受每年8000元的税收优惠。

    Public comments on the Method Of Employment And Unemployment of Guangzhou are recently solicited. The Method proposes that employees with non-Guangzhou household register working in Guangzhou can collect unemployment insurance after obtaining unemployment certificate. In case of running of their own business, they can additional enjoy tax exemption for the amount of RMB 8000 per year.

  • 22%


    According to the Investigation Report on China Best Employer jointly issued by Zhilian Zhao Pin and Beijing University, the rate of youths born after 1990, just stepping into the professional world and willing to work in foreign invested enterprises is decreased from 24% last year to 22% this year. Those willing to work in state owned enterprises are about 40%.

  • 19%


    According to the International Commerce Investigation Report recently published by Zhi Tong Accounting Firm, the optimism degree of enterprises for quarter IV last year has increased by 8% to 19%, which indicates Mainland enterprises have more confidence on the economy of Year 2013.

  • 3077.9亿


    According to the data recently published by investment market information consulting institution-China Venture, the transaction scale of China merger and acquisition market of year 2012 is disclosed to be USD 307.79 billion, increased by 37% compared to year 2011, which is the highest of the past 6 years. From perspective of completed transactions, energy and mining industry, internet industry, financial industry and production industry rank at the top of industries.

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