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How to choose the appropriate manner to terminate labor contract?


During the disciplinary actions imposed on the Employee, the focuses of action have gone through three phases, which are termination on incompetence, termination on disciplinary violations and negotiated termination. The rationale for this shift lies in the admission by Company of lack of sufficient evidence in respect of termination on incompetence or disciplinary violation, which is the reason why the Company ultimately chose to apply the approach of negotiated termination.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院发布养老金投资管理办法

    The State Council issued the pension investment management methods


    The State Council officially issued the Basic Endowment Insurance Fund Investment Management Method. The Method is basically consistent with the exposure draft released before, which stipulated that the proportion of investments in stocks, stock funds, hybrid funds and equity pension products is not allowed to be higher than 30% of the net asset value of the pension fund in total.

  • 国务院:10月起所有小微企业享税收优惠

    State Council: All small and micro enterprises to enjoy tax preference from October


    Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting deciding that that from October 1, 2015 to the end of 2017, the scope of small and micro enterprises that have the corporate income tax reduced by half according to law will expand to the annual taxable income within RMB300,000 (including RMB300,000) from RMB200,000 (including RMB200,000).

  • 人社部:专业技术人员继续教育每年不少于90学时

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: The continuing education for professional technical personnel should not be less than 90 class hours every year


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released the Regulations on the Continuing Education of Professional Technical Personnel pointing out that the continuing education time for professional technical personnel should not be less than 90 class hours every year.

  • 广州公积金年底将可逐月提取

    Guangzhou’s housing provident fund can be drawn by month at the end of the year


    Zhu Kaihua, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Housing Accumulation Fund Administration Center, recently revealed that drawing the housing provident fund by month might be realized as much as possible at the end of the year, to directly transfer the housing provident fund into mortgage accounts.

  • 62%

    FT 中文网日前发布的报告显示,2015 年,中国白领人士的收入信心指数为77.5,处于较高水平。62% 的被访者相信在未来12 个月工资将有所上涨,其中37% 的被访者表示收入增幅在15% 以内,而35% 认为收入增幅会超过15%。仅有5%的人认为自己的收入会减少。

    Ftchinese.com recently released the report showing that Chinese white-collar workers’ income confidence index is 77.5 in 2015, maintaining a higher level. 62% respondents believed that their monthly pay will go up to some extent in the future 12 months, of which 37% respondents expressed that their income growth rate is within 15%, 35% thought their income growth will exceed 15% and only 5% thought that their income will be cut down.

  • 15.6%


    Peking University Market and Media Research Center recently released the report showing that from the professions signed by post-90 graduates, the proportion of those engaged in sales is the highest, accounting for 17.3%, and 15.6% post-90 graduates choose to start their own business.

  • 60%


    The recently released White Paper on Chinese Enterprise Social Security shows that more than 60% Chinese enterprises deliberately “cut down” the salary of employees to save labor cost when paying for social security for employees.

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