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#142  Sep 18, 2015    email version


Myths on formulation of rules and regulations under Chinese laws and revision policies


In current practical operation, although defects of the democratic procedure have not yet become a “lethal” element, the review of democratic procedure element is likely to “tighten” according to relevant “requirements” already publicized by higher courts across China.

  • 女方无工作,男方能否享受晚育假?
  • Is the male employee entitled to late maternity leave if his spouse is unemployed?
  • 根据《北京市人口与计划生育条例》的规定,晚育奖励假为30天,奖励假也可由男方享受;不休奖励假的,按照女方一个月的基本工资的标准给予奖励。
  • According to provisions of the Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Population and Family Planning, women or their husbands are entitled to an additional 30-day maternal leave for late maternity beside the maternal leave set by the State; those not having such additional maternal leave shall be rewarded with the amount equal to the wife’s one month salary.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 中共中央国务院印发关于深化国有企业改革的指导意见

    The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of State-owned Enterprises


    The CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the Guiding Opinion on Deepening the Reform of State-Owned Enterprises, involving the problems existing in the supervision of state-owned assets, such as offside, vacancy and dislocation. This is deemed as the programmatic document to guide and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new age.

  • 沪外籍人才工作满三年可申请"中国绿卡"

    Shanghai foreign talents who have worked full to 3 years can apply for “Chinese green card”


    Shanghai recently issued the first “Letter of Recommendation for Foreign High-Level Talents to Handle the Work and Residence Permit”. According to Shanghai’s latest foreign high-level talent qualification standards, the qualified talents who have worked full to 3 years can apply to the entry and exit administration bureau of the municipal public security bureau for the Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit according to regulations through the recommendation of employers.

  • 香港仍是全球增长最快的创业枢纽之一

    Hong Kong is still one of the fastest growing business hubs in the world


    Invest Hong Kong recently completed a survey showing that Hong Kong’s business ecological environment is expanding continuously and a total of 1,558 newly established companies are running in these business spaces, growing 46% year-on-year, namely increasing 493 newly established companies. Jia Peinian, Director of Investment Hong Kong said the survey result showed Hong Kong is still one of the fastest growing business hubs in the world.

  • 外媒:中国缺独立管理人员

    Foreign media: China lacks independent managers


    New Izvestia recently wrote a series of articles titled “Chinese-style management” claiming that Chinese companies try to create the management layer that can do up the process of creating innovative products starting from scratch, but the problem is the lack of distinct and independent leading figures.

  • 48%


    According to the latest data of the online MBA project survey statistics of New Jersey Institute of Technology, the proportion of telecommuting people in the US is further increased and has taken up 48% of the total employees now.

  • 40%


    The Zhaopin.com 2015 fall white collars job hopping index investigation report (Shanghai) showed that nearly 40% white collars have been prepared for job hopping and more than 10% white collars have got the job offer of new employers.

  • 30.0%


    The Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily recently released a survey showing that 30.0% respondents give priority to in-system enterprises in job selection, 17.2% respondents prefer enterprises out of the system and 51.7% think that they don’t care about the system as long as the jobs are suitable for them.

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