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#143  Sep 25, 2015    email version


System improvement to guard against company executives’ disciplinary violation and malpractice


Company executive’s disciplinary violation/malpractice, as an essential abuse of organizational power, not only violates the company’s personnel policies but also might go against the criminal laws and constitute a criminal offence.

  • 企业高管与无固定期限劳动合同
  • Corporate executives and the non-fixed term labor contract
  • 公司副总经理作为用人单位的高级管理人员,其劳动关系受劳动法律法规调整,同时又因为其身份的特殊性,《公司法》中对其职务履行亦有特别规定,实践中会因此发生竞合。
  • The deputy general manager of the company is the senior management of the employing unit, and the labor relationship between him and the company is regulated by labor laws. On the other hand, due to the special identity of the manager, there have also been some special regulations about the rights and obligations of senior management in PRC Company Law. There has been some concurrence in practice therefore.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 税务总局:10月1日起新设企业无需再办税务登记

    The State Administration of Taxation: Newly established companies need not handle tax registration from October 1


    The State Administration of Taxation recently made an announcement that starting from the next month, the business license, the code certificate and the tax certificate will be integrated into one and newly established companies will only need a code in the industry and commerce department to start a business in future, no need to handle tax registration any more.

  • 住建部发布公积金异地贷款操作细则

    The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development releases the detailed rules for housing provident fund loans in different places


    The operating details for the housing provident fund loans in different places are formally issued. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released a related notice clarifying the responsibility assignment and handling procedures of the housing provident fund loan in different places. Experts think that the issue of the detailed rules means that the barrier for accepting and using the housing provident fund in different places has been broken.

  • 广州建筑业工人纳入工伤保险

    Guangzhou construction industry workers covered in the work-related injury insurance


    Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the Implementation Methods for Guangzhou Construction Industry Workers Participating in Work-Related Injury Insurance (Exposure Draft) stipulating that construction companies must submit the construction project work-related injury insurance certificate when handling the construction permit, otherwise they will be unable to get the construction permit.

  • 外媒:谷歌允许员工相互借用假期

    Foreign media: Google allows employees to mutually borrow holiday


    According to the report from the website of Business Insider, Google employees are allowed to mutually borrow holidays and employees who have used up their personal holidays can “borrow” another employee’s holidays that he/she does not want to use.

  • 27.2万


    A salary survey for nearly 10, 000 companies around the world shows that the average annual salary of Indian IT experts in medium-term career amounted to USD41, 213 (about RMB263, 000); by comparison, it is USD42, 689 in China (about RMB272, 000).

  • 2.12亿

    据国际劳工组织预测,到2019年全球失业人口至少达到2.12亿,而 2014年失业人口高达2.013亿。

    According to the forecast of the International Labor Organization, the global unemployed population will reach 212 million by 2019, while the unemployed population reached up to 201.3 million in 2014.

  • 1000万


    According to incomplete statistics, the number of college graduates across the country will reach more than 7.7 million in 2016; added with about 300, 000 overseas returnees and previous graduates who fail to find jobs, it is estimated that there will be 10 million college graduates to join the competition nationwide next year.

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