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#145  Oct 16, 2015    email version


In the event of executing the fixed-term labor contract for twice successively, whether the employer shall be entitled to terminate the labor contract?


The Labor Contract Law is implemented for the purpose of solving the short-term problem of labor contracts and encouraging the employer and the employee to create a long-term and stable labor relation.

  • 如此解除怀孕女职工是否有风险?
  • Is there a risk to terminate pregnant female workers this way?
  • 由于公司的规章制度中,并未明确表示出造成“重大损失”的经济损失金额标准以及相对应的惩处措施,以损失一万元为由辞退三期女工,司法实践中,还是倾向于三期女工的。
  • As the economic loss amount standard and corresponding punishment measures for causing “great losses” were not specified in the rules and regulations of the company, the juridical practice is favorable to three-period female workers if they are dismissed for the loss of RMB10,000.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 两部委:明年起取消人才集体户口管理服务费

    Two ministries: To cancel the service charge for the talent collective registered permanent residence management next year


    The Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission recently announced that starting from November 1, 2015, 37 administrative business charges will be canceled uniformly and suspended nationwide, and from January 1, 2016, the talent collective registered permanent residence management service charge (including the operating service charge) collected by public employment and talent service agencies like the human resources and social security department will be canceled.

  • 人社部印发通知严禁违规设置职业资格

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issues a notice to strictly prohibit setting professional qualification illegally


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a notice requiring reducing the professional qualification licensing and certification work and prohibiting from setting the level assessment professional qualification as administrative licensing illegally and linking up with employment.

  • 全世界仍有13%的年轻人没工作

    13% young people still have no jobs in the whole world


    According to a report released by the International Labor Organization recently, the global youth unemployment rate climbed significantly from 2007 to 2010, but has got stable at the level slightly higher than 13% now.

  • 2016年国考计划招录2.7万人

    The state test plans to recruit 27, 000 people in 2016


    The 2016 national civil service examination civil servant recruitment work is about to be started and it is planned to recruit over 27, 000 people this time.

  • 1.89%


    The National Financial Information Center Index Research Institute of Xinhua News Agency recently released a survey showing that the salary of ordinary workers in 15 key cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin grew 1.89% month-on-month in the second quarter.

  • 18561


    Along with the release of the monthly average wage data of on-post staff of urban non-private units in Guangzhou in 2014, the upper limit (the tax exemption line) of the tax exemption deposit base of Guangzhou housing provident fund is adjusted to RMB18, 561 correspondingly.

  • 42%


    A latest research survey of Mercer Management Consulting shows that nearly a half (42%) of employees who are satisfied with current jobs still take the initiative to leave. The survey result subverted the previous assumption that “employees who actively participate in work are more likely to stay”.

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