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#147  Oct 30, 2015    email version


How to hold an unfixed-term labor contract


The Labor Contract Law implemented in 2008 includes quite a few regulations in relation to the unfixed-term labor contract for the purpose of solving the short-term problem of labor contracts and realizing a long-term and stable labor relation by restricting labor contract duration.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 教育部:明年开始建立未就业毕业生统计机制

    Ministry of Education: The unemployed graduate statistical mechanism to be established next year


    The responsible person of the related department of the Ministry of Education recently revealed that starting from 2016, the statistic and service for unemployed graduates will be strengthened and the statistical mechanism of unemployed graduates will be established.

  • 全国社保卡持卡人数达8.09亿

    The number of people who hold the national social security card reaches 809 million


    Li Zhong, press spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that the number of people who hold the national social security card broke 800 million at the end of September, up to 809 million, which fulfilled the target of the national 12th Five-Year Plan ahead of schedule.

  • 上海:工作境外人士可缴存住房公积金

    Shanghai: Working outsiders can deposit the housing provident fund


    Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Management Committee said foreigners with certificates like the Shanghai overseas talent residence permit and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau workers who work in Shanghai and obtain the oversea permanent residence right can deposit the housing providence fund according to the existing regulations of Shanghai on the basis of reaching consensus with units through consultation.

  • 上海:不为职工缴存公积金将上“黑名单”

    Shanghai: Companies who do not deposit housing provident for employees will get in the “blacklist”


    Shanghai recently carried out the law enforcement inspection of 2015 housing provident fund deposit. For enterprises who do not deposit the housing provident fund for employees, it will make administrative punishment or apply to the court for compulsory execution according to law, provide the illegal information of the units to the municipal public credit information service platform, and apply to the people’s court for including the units in the discreditable units.

  • 报告称回国留学人员八成月薪低于一万

    Report shows that the monthly salary of 80% overseas returnees is lower than RMB10,000


    According to the survey report released by www.eol.cn recently, among overseas returnees, the monthly salary of 73.5% doctors, 86.6% masters and 88% undergraduates and 88.6% junior college students is lower than RMB10,000.

  • 35.4


    According to the survey report of Zhaopin.com, the national talent supply and demand competition index is 35.4 in autumn this year, which means a post will receive 35.4 resumes on the average from the national condition.

  • 11%


    Gallup’s latest survey shows that in North America, 11% people think they have very good jobs, while in Europe and Asia, the data are 4% and 2% respectively.

  • 9.5%


    A recent report shows that among Chinese mainland and Hong Kong enterprises listed in the Fortune Global 500, enterprises that announced downsizing take up 9.5% and 18% respectively this year.

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