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How to pay individual income tax for annual bonus?


Annual bonus is income earned for the service delivered by the employee and should subject to the payment of individual income tax. The employer when paying annual bonus shall withhold individual income tax. How to calculate individual income tax on annual bonus?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 企业退休人员基本养老金上调10%

    Basic pension for retirees in the enterprise has raised by 10%


    The State Council has decided to raise the basic pension for retirees by 10% from January 1 this year. The average pension for retirees will exceed 1800 RMB per month then.

  • 住房公积金修法推迟至2014年

    The Amendment of the Law for Housing Provident Fund will be postponed to 2014


    The Ministry of Housing reveals that the Administrative Measures for the Law for Housing Provident Fund (Revised Draft) will be submitted to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council by 2014.

  • 广州:单位逾期不缴 公积金中心或可强制执行

    Guangzhou: Should the working unit refuse to pay the overdue fund, the fund center may enforce the overdue fund then.


    The housing fund management center in Guangzhou has recently drafted the Interim Provisions for the Enforcement of Administrative Discretion for Housing Fund Management in Guangzhou. It is stated that if the working unit has not paid the overdue housing fund for the employees or has not paid the overdue penalties, the housing fund center will be entitled to apply for administrative enforcement at the People’s Court.

  • 广东拟推大病医保新政

    Guangdong intends to push forward the Medical Care for Serious Illnesses


    The Draft for Medical Care for Serious Illnesses is under discussion. The Draft has requested that the loss ratio for commercial agencies should not be less than 85% of the total funding. If the total funding is less than 85%, the balance of the fund will be returned to the capital account as venture capital.

  • 1470


    The Four Tenth Plenary Session held in Guangzhou recently revealed that the minimum salary is expected to be raised from 1300 RMB to 1470 RMB or above.

  • 2/3


    The Insight for Remuneration and Recruitment 2013 issued by Hudson Multinational Talent Agency shows that 2/3 of the professionals eventually gave up the working opportunities in the job searching process with the primary reason that the remuneration has not reached the expected level.

  • 65%


    The Confidence Index Report for SME issued by Standard Chartered shows that in the fourth quarter of 2012, 65% of the interviewed SMEs chose to maintain or reduce the level of salary for the employees. And compared with 2011, the number of SMEs which chose to give salary raise for the employees has reduced by half in this season.

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