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#156  Dec 31, 2015    email version


Legal interpretation and application of year-end bonus


Disputes on year-end bonus are typical labor remuneration disputes, therefore they fall into the scope of acceptance of labor dispute cases;year-end bonus is in the category of salary, so it should be included in the salary counting; and year-end bonus is taxable same as normal wage income.

  • 员工“不在册”,是否有权获得年终奖?
  • If the employee is not registered, is it reasonable for him to obtain the year-end award?
  • 以"员工是否在册"决定年终奖能否拿到的方式,仲裁和法院在各区的裁判意见尚未形成统一。但裁审部门越来越倾向于依照"同工同酬"的原则判决用人单位按比例支付相应的年终奖。
  • There is a discrepancy between the arbitration award and the judgment of the court for the determination of the year-end award of the employees according to whether the employees are registered. However, the decision making office has inclined to pay the year-end award according to the principle of "same work same remuneration" for the employing unit on a proportionate basis.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:明年将制定渐进式延迟退休方案

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Progressive Postponed Retirement Scheme to be Formulated Next Year


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced recently that a progressive postponed retirement scheme is slated to be formulated and promulgated next year, and a transition period of several years is allowed for its gradual implementation.

  • 新版《职业病危害因素目录》发布

    New "Catalogue of Occupational Hazards" Published


    Recently, the new "Catalogue of Occupational Hazards" has been officially issued. The revised catalogue divides occupational hazards into six categories, including 52 items of dust factors, 375 items of chemical factors, 15 items of physical factors, 8 items of radioactive factors, 6 items of biological factors and 3 items of other factors.

  • 上海:将对延长生育假做具体规定

    Shanghai: Specific Regulations to be Promulgated for Extension of Maternity Leave


    Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission announced recently that it would promulgate specific regulations with respect to the conditions for birth of a second child and extension of maternity leave, etc. according to the actual situation, and conduct research and formulate supporting files on standardized birth registration services, and streamline the work processes.

  • 北京积分落户: 未来5年最多惠及148万人

    Points-Based Residency Permit System in Beijing: It will Benefit up to 1.48 Million People in the Coming Five Years


    According to the "Beijing Rules on the Administration of Points-Based Residency Permit System (Exposure Draft)" recently issued in Beijing, the people working in Beijing are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Beijing if their aggregate score reaches a predetermined value. According to the latest plan, however, there is only room for development for merely 1.484 million people in the next five years in Beijing.

  • 浙江省首次将罕见病纳入医保

    Zhejiang Province Incorporates Rare Diseases into the Medical Issurance System Coverage for the First Time


    As of January 1st, 2016, the government of Zhejiang Province will incorporate 3 types of rare diseases including Gaucher disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a type of ALS), and phenylketonuria into the medical insurance system coverage. This is the first time in Zhejiang Province that rare diseases are incorporated into the health insurance.

  • 14%


    At the close of December 28th, a total of 28 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government have adjusted the minimum wages in 2015, an average increase of about 14%. At present, Shenzhen boasts the highest minimum monthly wage nationwide, with a standard wage of RMB 2,030 Yuan, whereas Beijing has the highest minimum hourly wage, with a rate of RMB 18.7 Yuan.

  • 6%


    Chinese scholars consider that based on the scientific planning for the future, repayment of old debts with the dividends of state-owned enterprises, and establishment of a sounder system, there is a range of 6%-8% for downward revision of premiums of endowment insurance, the medical insurance premium rate returns to 8%, and the units participating in the housing provident fund can enjoy a reduction of 12% for the rate.

  • 3亿


    The data recently available shows that of the approximately 300 million migrant workers, 84 million workers are engaged in the manufacturing sector, 60 million people in the construction industry, and 20 million people in the domestic work sector.

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