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#158  Jan 15, 2016    email version


Calculation of medical leave and termination of employment contract


What should an employer do if an employee suffers from non-work-related injury or a hard-to-cure illness? If upon expiration of medical leave an employee has not yet recovered or is not competent for his original position although he has been recovered, can the employer terminate the employment contract directly?

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  • 国务院:合并城乡居民医保 适当提高个人缴费比重

    State Council: Medical insurance for urban and rural residents consolidated Ratio of premiums by individuals raised appropriately


    The State Council recently issued a document that the Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance and New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme are slated to be consolidated and the rational division of government and individual responsibility for funding will be made. Whilst boosting the government subsidies, the proportion of individual contributions will be increased appropriately.

  • 人社部:养老保险费率将适时下调

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Endowment insurance rate to be lowered in due course


    The relevant official of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently expressed that of the current five social insurance rates in China, the endowment insurance rate is a little on the high side. With the further improvement of the social security system in future, social security rates will be appropriately reduced in due course.

  • 北京拟增15天配偶陪产假

    Beijing intends to add 15-day leave for accompanying delivery by spouse


    The “Amendment to Beijing Population and Family Planning Regulations (Draft for Comment)” was recently published for solicitation of comments. It states that subject to this provision regarding childbearing, a thirty-day incentive leave and fifteen-day leave for accompanying the delivery by spouse will be added, in addition to the maternity leave prescribed by the state.

  • 今年企业或可少交税费五千亿

    Reduction of RMB five hundred billion in taxes possibly to be enjoyed by enterprises this year


    The “replacement of the business tax with a value-added tax” will be wrapped up comprehensively in 2016. Many industries will enjoy the bonus of tax cuts, and some government funds and fees are expected to be revoked. These initiatives are expected to slash costs for enterprises by upwards of RMB 500 billion, according to the analysis of experts.

  • 36.8


    Zhaopin recently released a report that in the winter of 2015, 36.8 white-collar persons competed for a job on average nationwide, and it became increasingly difficult to land a job; in 32 major cities nationwide, the average remuneration is RMB 6070; the top three rankings go to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

  • 110万


    According to the recently concluded national science and technology conference, more than 1.1 million overseas Chinese people returned to China in the previous five years, triple the number of returnees in the preceding 30 years.

  • 104155


    Accordingly to the 2015 Alipay Annual Bill recently released, the per capita payment amount in Shanghai ranked first in China, reaching RMB 104,155. Beijing ranked third, with a per capita payment amount of RMB 86,500.

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