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#160  Jan 29, 2016    email version


Instance Analysis on the Formulation of the Enterprise Bonus System


When formulating and reviewing the bonus policy of internal rules and regulations of companies, employers should try to expound the calculation and issuing conditions of bonuses according to its operational practice. Especially employers should pay attention to the limitations on the issuing conditions of the bonuses of separated employees, and make these rules and regulations come into effect legally through democratic process regulated by laws.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:高校和公立医院或将取消事业编制

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Universities and Public Hospitals May No Longer Be Public Institutions


    Officials of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security expressed that the focus this year would be directed on the research into the innovation and reform of public institutions, especially the influence of colleges and universities and public hospitals on the relevant reform after their exclusion from the public institutions.

  • 营改增将全面推开 企业迎减税

    Enterprises Enjoy Tax Reduction with Full Implementation of “Replacing Business Tax with Value-Added Tax”


    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said recently that efforts would be made this year to fully implement the policy of “replacing business tax with value-added tax”, speed up financial and taxation system reform, and slash the corporate tax burden. Moreover, the ratio of VAT shared will be adjusted reasonably after the full implementation of the “value-added tax reform”, in a bid to guide the development of competitive industries in the regions and strengthen the local financial generation function.

  • 广东:带薪休假写进集体合同样本

    Guangdong: Paid Leave Written into Collective Sample Contract


    According to a notice recently issued by Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the new reference sample of collective contract would be provided to facilitate the collective consultation between employees and enterprises. In keeping with the Rules and Regulations of Collective Contract for Enterprises in Guangdong Province as implemented last year, the new contract sample incorporates such details as collective negotiations for wage and paid vacation into the sample.

  • 北京:CBD地区试点错峰上下班

    Beijing: Try Out to Stagger Peak Time for Work at CBD Area


    Zhou Zhengyu, Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, revealed that this year the CBD area would promote such methods as staggering peak time for work to ease congestion. Meanwhile, areas with concentrated office buildings such as the Financial Street and Zhongguancun would also commence research into such mode.

  • 1312万


    Li Zhong – spokesman of the Ministry of the Human Resources and Social Security – recently introduced that the employment situation remained generally stable in 2015, with 13.12 million jobs created in urban cities in the year.

  • 1300万


    According to the Hong Kong media, approximately 13 million new jobs – more than the entire population of Greece – have been created in mainland China last year, exceeding the target of 10 million set by the government.

  • 10767元


    The survey data by Zhaopin shows that year-end bonus this year is not optimistic – with an overall average of RMB 10,767 Yuan in 2015, down by as much as RMB 3,000 Yuan on the previous year 2014.

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