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#161  Feb 05, 2016    email version


Shall an employee be entitled to annual bonus after his resignation?


According to the common practice of the enterprises of our country, the annual bonus is disbursed after the calendar new year and before the Chinese New Year, i.e. between the January and February. This period has thus become the peak time of labor disputes arising from annual bonus.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 31城市试点商业健康险免个税

    Pilot Exemption of Individual Income Tax for Commercial Health Insurance in 31 Cities


    According to the announcement recently issued by the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission, 31 cities including Beijing and Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province implement the pilot policies regarding the individual income tax for commercial health insurance as from this year. For the expenditures made by individuals in the cities implementing the pilot measures for purchasing the health insurance products as per the regulations, the deduction is made prior to the individual income tax according to the limit standard of RMB 2,400Yuan/year.

  • 新设职业资格须报人社部批准

    Establishment of New Vocational Qualifications Must Be Reported to Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security for Approval


    The relevant official of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security disclosed that the establishment of new vocational qualifications in the future could only be included in the catalogue of vocational qualifications after being reported to and approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The vocational qualifications not covered by the catalogue are not allowed for accreditation and certification, with a view to exercising control over the “account” of vocational qualifications at the source.

  • 北京市下调工伤保险缴费比率

    Beijing Revises Downwards the Insurance Premium Ratio for Work-Related Injury


    As from July 1 this year, the ratio of the insurance premiums of work-related injury in Beijing will be adjusted and the minimum benchmark premium rate for the industry drops to 0.2% from the current 0.5%. The original three categories of the work-related injury for the various industries is subdivided into eight categories, achieving the “overall decrease” for the premium rate for insurance for work-related injury.

  • “以房养老”试点遇冷:试点10个月客户仅38人

    The Pilot “House-For-Pension Program” Meets a Cool Reception: Only 38 Clients in 10-Month Pilot Period


    According to the information released by the recently concluded work conference for the pilot endowment insurance for reverse mortgage of housing by the elderly, the house-for-pension program has met a cool reception, when only 38 people have completed the procedures for insurance in the 10 months.

  • 43.9%


    A survey by China Youth Daily Social Survey Center shows that 51.3% of respondents make a positive evaluation of the overall state of their own industry in 2015. 43.9% of respondents look kindly on the medical profession in 2016.

  • 6,070


    Zhaopin online data shows that in the winter of 2015, the average position remuneration in 32 major cities nationwide is RMB 6,070 Yuan. Of the major cities nationwide, Beijing ranks first in terms of monthly salary, with an average monthly salary of RMB 9,227 Yuan; Shanghai comes second with an average monthly salary of RMB 8,664 Yuan; Shenzhen ranks third with an average monthly salary of RMB 7,728 Yuan.

  • 1:10


    The aggregated data for the fourth quarter in 2015 by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security shows that the ratio of job vacancies and job seekers is about 1:10. Employers recruit 4.39 million people of various disciplines through the public employment services and the job seekers on the market are in the region of 40 million.

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