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#163  Feb 26, 2016    email version


Could the salary be deducted if the rest days taken exceed the annual leave?


If the employer does not grant the employee the due annual leave at the time of termination or resignation of the employee, the employer shall convert the number of days of unused annual leave into the past working hours in the current year and pay the salary for the unused annual leave.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 更多职校生有望落户北上广

    More vocational school students are expected to settle in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong


    At the State Council executive meeting held on January 24, Premier Li Keqiang proposed that except for a few megacities, restrictions on college graduates, skilled workers, returned overseas students and other groups making settlement in cities are slated to be fully relaxed.

  • 外国人永久居留中国服务管理新政公布

    New policy for service and administration of permanent residence of foreigners in China is announced


    Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council General Office issued the “Advice on tightening the service and administration of permanent residence of foreigners in China” and issued a circular requiring the local governments and departments to implement the labor law.

  • 楼继伟:劳动合同法有问题 下一步应调整

    Lou Jiwei: Labor Contract Law is incomplete and should be amended


    Finance Minister Lou Jiwei recently pointed out that the current labor contract law is not conducive to boosting the total factor productivity and ultimately harms the Chinese economy. In the next amendment, the law should be adjusted to reflect the balance between employers and employees.

  • 上海:婚假、生育假将延长 3月1日起施行

    Shanghai: Extension of marriage leave and maternity leave kicks off as from March 1


    As from March 1, lawfully married citizens in Shanghai will be entitled to additional 7-day marriage leave, in addition to the marriage leave stipulated by the state; for the lawfully married couple, the female can enjoy 30-day maternity leave in addition to the maternity leave stipulated by the state and the male enjoys 10-day paternity leave.

  • 30.1%


    According to reports, the macro-tax burden in China in 2014 and 2015 stood at 29.1%; or 30.5% and 30.1%, respectively, if the net income from land leasing is added. Experts consider that China's macro-tax burden, overall, is lower than the world average of 38.8% in 2013.

  • 4000


    With the continuous economic development of many labor-exporting provinces, especially China's western provinces, some workers opt for work in the local areas, rather than seeking employment in other areas after the Chinese Spring Festival. As a result, many enterprises in other areas find it hard to recruit people even a monthly salary of RMB 4000 is offered!

  • 128


    Twelve provinces which have currently unveiled new regulations on family planning have revoked the late marriage leave. Of the cities, the six provinces including Shanxi and Jiangxi offer a maternity leave of 158 days, and Fujian provinces introduces a late marriage leave ranging from 158 days to 180 days; the maternity leave in four provinces including Tianjin, Zhejiang, and Guangdong lasts 128 days.

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