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#164  Mar 04, 2016    email version


Reflection on Employee Relations – Transformation of Labor Dispatching


On March 1, 2014, the Interim Regulations on Labor Dispatching was officially implemented. It explicitly stipulates that the number of dispatched employees of the employer shall not exceed 10% of the total staff. According to the regulations, labor dispatching has a two-year transition period.

  • 上海最新婚假产假变成多少天?
  • How long is the new maternity leave in Shanghai?
  • 从今年3月1日起,上海符合法律规定结婚的公民,将增加婚假7天,而符合法律法规规定生育的夫妻,女方除享受国家规定的产假外,还可以再享受生育假30天。
  • As from March 1 this year, lawfully married citizens in Shanghai will be entitled to additional 7-day marriage leave; for the lawfully married couple, the female can enjoy 30-day maternity leave in addition to the maternity leave stipulated by the state.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 定了:延迟退休年龄方案今年出台

    Finalized: Program of Postponed Retirement Age to be Introduced this Year


    At a news conference held on the 29th day, Human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin introduced that: “progressive postponed retirement program has been formulated, only that the opinions of the public will be solicited after it has been reported and been approved as per the relevant procedures.” The finalization of the program is a sure thing.”

  • 央行专家建议养老费率降一半:不足部分国资补

    Experts Suggest Halving Endowment Insurance Rate: Insufficient Part to be Supplemented by State-Owned Assets


    How can we really implement the “cost reduction” in the supply-side reform? The People's Bank of China Financial Research Institute director Yao Yudong suggests that the corporate endowment insurance rate fall from 20% to 10%, while assets are allocated to make up the gap caused by lower costs.

  • 江苏:32条措施将为企业直降成本600亿元

    Jiangsu: 32 Measures will Directly Slash RMB 60 Billion in Costs for Enterprises


    On February 29, the Jiangsu provincial government announced the Opinion with respect to reducing the costs for entity enterprises. The Opinion includes 32 measures in five aspects regarding cost reduction. Through measurement, the 32 initiatives, if implemented, can directly curtail the costs of enterprises in Jiangsu province by roughly RMB 60 billion.

  • 深圳:将向企业发放生育津贴统一由用人单位领取

    Shenzhen: Maternity Benefits Will Be Paid Directly to Enterprises


    Alongside the implementation of the “Guangdong Province Regulations on Maternity Insurance”, Shenzhen is slated to pay the maternity benefits to enterprises for the first time as from March 15, indicating that enterprises which have paid in advance the salary for female employees during the maternity leave can collect maternity allowance from the government.

  • 765万


    At a news conference held on the 29th day, Human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin said that the number of university graduates are expected to hit 7.65 million in 2016, up by 160,000 over the previous year; the mounting number of young employees – mainly university graduates – will exert a huge pressure on employment.

  • 100,000元


    Statistics show that the average annual salary of employees of listed companies is in the vicinity of RMB 50,000-100,000 Yuan. There are less than 10 listed companies whose employees have an average annual salary of less than RMB 50,000 Yuan including Hongqi Chain and Muyuan and 39 companies whose employees have an annual salary of more than RMB 100,000 Yuan.

  • 180万


    Human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin said that some workers would be laid off as a result of resolving overcapacity problem. The central government sets about resolving the overcapacity problem by taking the steel and coal industries as the starting points. According to the preliminary statistics for diversion of laid-off workers, it concerns 1.3 million people in the coal industry and 500,000 people in the steel industry.

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