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#166  Mar 18, 2016    email version


Overtime calculation methods under various working-hour systems


How shall the employer pay overtime for the standard working-hour system, consolidated working-hour system, flexible working-hour system and piecework system?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 今年机关事业单位基本工资预算涨幅10%

    Budget for basic salary at governmental organs and public institutions increase by 10%


    According to the 2016 fiscal budget table submitted for deliberation at this year’s two sessions, budget for basic salary increases by 10%, although this does not mean basic wage standards will rise by 10%, because it includes the budget required for normal upgrading of basic salary.

  • 5月1日“营改增”全面推开

    “Replace business tax with value-added tax” fully implemented as from May 1


    The policy of “replacing the business tax with a value-added tax” will be fully implemented this year. The Report on the Work of the Government identifies two “hard indicators”: First, as from May 1, the policy of “replacing the business tax with a value-added tax” will be fully implemented in the remaining four sectors – construction, real estate, financial services, and life services; second, ensure that tax burden is lessened for all sectors.

  • 安徽省调整职工生育津贴发放标准

    Criteria for maternity allowance to be adjusted in Anhui province


    In addition to the three-month maternity allowance, female workers are entitled to additional maternity benefits under one of the following circumstances: extending maternity leave by 60 days and offering additional maternity allowance for two months if complying with family planning policy; offering additional half-month maternity allowance if cesarean section operation is performed subject to medical indications; for birth of extra one child, additional half-month maternity benefit is provided.

  • 社保缴费要降了

    Social security premiums reduction is in the pipeline


    At present, China’s social security programs are composed of basic old-age pension, medical, unemployment, work-related injury, and maternity and the social security rate amounts to 39.25%. The draft outline of the “Thirteenth Five-year” Plan proposes lowering social security premiums appropriately.

  • 3000


    It was reported that Volkswagen, facing enormous economic pressures due to being mired in the “tail gas gate”, will make a massive layoff of about 3,000 people in Germany in a bid to curtail costs.

  • 30%


    The “International Business Report” shows that the proportion of women executives in enterprises in mainland China continues to rise, up to 30%, an increase of 5 percentage points on the year 2015.

  • 8


    According to the “Circular on Adjusting Policy over Premiums for Work-related Injury Insurance” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance, Shenzhen is slated to determine the benchmark rate of work-related injury insurance for employers as per the eight categories of industries with work-related injury risks as from July 1, 2016.

  • 10万


    The “2016 China Whitepaper on Internet Financial Talent” shows that 85% of Internet financial personnel come from other industries. In terms of remuneration, the annual starting salary of new employees in the internet finance sector is RMB 100,000.

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