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#167  Mar 25, 2016    email version


Is overtime wage required to be paid retroactively to a female employee if an employer fails to arrange time of breast feeding for her?


Though the Rules have granted female employees the right to enjoy the time of breast breeding during working hours, but not provided that employers refusing to make the arrangement shall assume the obligation to pay overtime wage, as it is not a kind of overtime work.

  • 调岗后员工不到岗单位可否解雇?
  • Can employee who refuses post transfer be dismissed?
  • 合理合法的调整劳动者的工作岗位,是用人单位合法行使用人自主权的表现形式之一。笔者认为,科技公司以此为由解除合同符合法律规定。
  • The lawfully and reasonably adjusting post of employee is one of the manifestations of exercising the autonomous right to engage employees by an employee. I think the technology company’s terminating the contract on that ground complies with provisions of law.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 山西晋中市4月1日起 每周上班4天半

    Shanxi province Jinzhong city adopts four and a half working days every week from April 1


    It is reported that from April 1 this year, Jinzhong city, Shanxi Province will be the first to adopt the 2.5-day weekend elastic work and rest system in the province, to provide further time support for people who want to go traveling.

  • 法国劳动法改革引发数十万人罢工

    French Labor Law reform triggers strike of hundreds of thousands of people


    On March 9, a general strike broke out in France to protest the reform scheme of the Labor Law proposed by the Labor Department, including practically canceling weekly 35-hour working system, cutting down the overtime pay outside of 35-hours, giving more freedom for employers to fire employees, and reducing costs. Opinion polls show that 70% people are opposed to the current reform scheme.

  • 央企限薪:部分高管退二线后取消绩效奖金

    State-owned enterprise salary restriction: Performance bonus to be canceled for some senior executives retiring from leading posts


    The new salary policy for senior executives of state-owned enterprises has been implemented for a year. It is learnt that including the year-end performance pay, the salary for senior executives of state-owned enterprise generally reduced 30% in 2015 after the new policy has taken effect for a year, of which, the salary for senior executives of four major financial banks dropped most and the year-end performance bonus for senior executives retiring from leading posts was also canceled.

  • 多地下调社保费率

    Local governments lower social insurance rate


    Recently, local governments including Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Yunnan, Guansu, Hangzhou and Xiamen successively issued new policies to lower the social insurance rate to different extents. Besides, the direction for simplifying five social insurances and one housing fund is also fixed. It is proposed in the 13th Five-Year Plan to combine the maternity insurance and the basic medical insurance, so the five social insurances and one housing fund that people are familiar with are likely to turn to four social insurances and one housing fund.

  • 5%


    On March 18, the first 2016 Guangzhou University and College Graduate Spring Large-Scale Job Fair was held in Huashan Playground of South China Agricultural University. In terms of salary, the average salary offered by enterprises was slightly higher than that of last year, rising about 5% averagely.

  • 6


    The latest policy in 2016 has been issued. According to the policy, the salary for six kinds of people will be raised, including primary and middle school teachers, base-level medical and health care workers, enterprise employees, technicians, scientific researchers and farmers in poverty-stricken areas; and six kinds of expenses will be dropped, such as Internet charge, tuition and fees, medicine fee, medical fee, sports facility fee and social insurance fee.

  • 2.5%


    Shanghai announced on 21st that to further lower the social insurance rate level of some employees, the overall rate of pension, medical and unemployment insurances will be lowered 2.5 percentage points. After the decline of the rate, the treatments of the pension, medical and unemployment insurances of the insured will not be affected.

  • 4


    On March 18, the State Council held the executive meeting where the pilot scheme of fully replacing the business tax with the value added tax was deliberated and passed, and it was clarified that the pilot of replacing the business tax with the value added tax would be fully rolled out from May 1, 2016 among the industries of building, real estate, finance and the life service with the tax rates fixed at 11%, 11%, 6% and 6% respectively.

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