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#169  Apr 08, 2016    email version


It is reliable to grant salary by WeChat red pocket?


At present, it’s difficult to confirm the identities of WeChat users due to the lack of express authentication rules and professional electronic evidence appraisal institutions, and since it’s impossible to confirm the identities of WeChat users, we are unable to confirm the correlation between the evidence in WeChat and the case.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 8日起跨境电商实行进口税新政

    Since the 8th day, the new policy on import duty will be imposed on the cross-board e-commence


    Since the 8th day, our country will implement the policy on import duty for cross-border retail e-commerce (business to consumer, namely B2C), and coincidently adjust the policy on post tax of the whole industry. That means, according to the new policy, any consumer who purchase a can of milk powder worthy RMB 500 shall pay an extra of RMB 60 than before, while the post tax of 3C electric appliances and personal care products will be much cheaper than before.

  • 中国“最具幸福感职业”出炉

    “The happiest occupations” in China come out


    In the ranking list of the happiest occupations in 2015 in China, the top 10 in sequence are: Freelancer, teacher, government official, artist, ordinary civil servant, tour guide, private entrepreneur, fitness coach, actor and entrepreneur The happiness of teacher has ranked top three for 4 successive years.

  • 两城市4月1日起正式实行2.5天休假

    Two cities begin to officially implement the 2.5-day weekend since Apr.1


    Since Apr.1, Jinzhong in Shanxi Province, Ji’an in Jiangxi Province begin to officially implement the 2.5-day weekend, and hence the workers in public institutions in these two cities can enjoy twice shift leave arrangement within one month on Friday.

  • 20余地修计生条例女性产假均有延长

    Maternity leave of women as provided in the modified regulations on birth control of over 20 provinces extended

    近日,伴随吉林、海南、云南等多个省份相继修改本地计生条例,全国修订计生条例省份数量已经达到20余个。目前,所有省份均对女性产假进行不同程度延长,而重庆女性则有望享受 “超长产假”福利,最长可休至子女一周岁。

    Recently, as Jilin, Hainan, Yunnan and other provinces modify their local regulations on birth control successively, more than 20 provinces throughout the country have modified their regulations on birth control. At present, all of these provinces have extended the maternity leave of women at different level, while women in Chongqing are expected to enjoy the benefit of “overlong maternity leave”, which may last to one full year of their child at most.

  • 3.8亿


    In summary, China’s three telecommunications operators have earned about RMB 139.1 billion last year, with daily average earning power of RMB 380 million and the money-earning ability is almost the same as that in 2014.

  • 71%


    It’s easy for stable and dedicated women to get higher positions, and 71% of female CEOs are promoted from senior workers in companies step by step. The survey shows that Dong Mingzhu has become the representative of successful women in the eyes of workers.

  • 2190元


    Since Apr.1, the monthly minimum wage standard has increased from RMB 2,020 to RMB 2,190 and accordingly the hourly minimum wage standard has increased from RMB 18 to RMB 19. The average line of the guide line of salary increase for enterprises is 9%. It is the 23rd time for Shanghai to raise its minimum wage standard.

  • 3000万

    深圳近日出台了措施,提出鼓励企业壮大规模拓展实力,充分发挥大型企业支撑引领示范带动作用。对首次入选 “世界500强”企业给予3000万元奖励,对首次入选“中国500强”的企业给予1000万元奖励。

    Recently, Shenzhen has introduced a measure stating enterprises is encouraged to expand its scale and strength and large enterprises is encouraged to give full play to their support, leading and demonstration functions. An award of RMB 30 million shall be given to the enterprise included in “Global 500” for the first time, and RMB 10 million shall be awarded to the enterprise included in “China’s Top 500” for the first time.

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