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#170  Apr 15, 2016    email version


If the non-competition agreement does not stipulate the compensation, is it valid?


A company will sign a non-competition agreement with an employee upon its commencement of work, but the agreement does not stipulate the specific compensation during the non-competition period. Then, is this non-competition agreement legally binding on an employee after his/her termination of employment?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳:允许大学生休学创业

    Shenzhen: College students are allowed to suspend their courses to do business.


    A few days ago, Shenzhen introduced Several Measures for Promoting the Priority Development of Talents (the Measures), which stipulates that college students are encouraged to make innovation and start up business, and full-time students in colleges and universities are allowed to suspend their courses to do business. It is regulated in the Measures that an extra 20% - 50% of current subsidy for rental of business sites shall be given to college students who suspend their courses to do business and become self-employed after graduation and a subsidy of RMB 500,000 at most shall be granted to excellent programs.

  • 北京市明确劳动争议仲裁终局裁决适用原则

    Beijing has made clear the principle of application of final award of labor dispute arbitration.


    It is learned from Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on Apr. 8 that it has determined to make final award of arbitration of labor dispute cases carefully in future and has made clear the scope and principle of application of final awards of labor dispute arbitration. Final awards are applicable to disputes in which the claimed amount is not more than twelve (12) months’ minimum wage of this city.

  • 人社部明确工伤保险新规

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS) has specified new regulations on work-related injury insurance.


    Recently MOHRSS has promulgated Opinion II on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of Regulations on Work-related Insurances, clearly interpreting some detailed issues: Two kinds of funeral subsidies shall be alternative to the relatives of the deceased employee; the work-related injury insurance is also a guarantee to the re-employed; and the time spent on going back and forth between entity and domicile shall be deemed as “commuter time”.

  • 社保缴费调整难降企业负担

    It’s still hard to reduce the burden on enterprises even though the social insurance payment has been adjusted.


    Although the social insurance payment base keeps floating upward, another factor determining the total social insurance payment – social insurance rate actually witnesses its downtrend this year. In terms of Shanghai, the rate of social insurance paid by entities has decreased by 2.5%, though the payment base has increased by 8.9%. “As the increase range of the base is far larger than the decrease range of the rate, the absolute amount of social insurance payable is bound to increase.” Said Nie Riming from SIFL Institute.

  • 5


    Twitter has joined Facebook, Esty and other companies to offer paid “maternity leave” without sex limitation to its employees recently. That is to say, once a family greets a new baby, both its mother, and father or its homosexual parents can enjoy a paid leave as long as 20 weeks (approximately 5 months).

  • 3563元


    It is reported that Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau promulgated on the 6th day the social insurance base of Shanghai employees in 2016 would be adjusted since Apr. 1, and the top and bottom limit would be respectively adjusted to RMB 17,817 and RMB 3,563. The insurance shall be levied according to the new standard since May 2016.

  • 8200万


    According to public information, former employees refusing to be dismissed in 2014 sued Eagle Holdings in Jan. this year, and the lawsuits involves a huge sum of money amounting to RMB 81.793 million, which is far beyond the net profits of Eagle Holdings in the whole year of 2015.

  • 2400


    With respect to the focus issue whether the taxes paid by an individual in the course of second-hand house transaction can keep decreasing rather than increasing, Deputy Director Wang Kang of State Administration of Taxation says when the business tax of 5% was levied, if a house is worthy RMB 1 million, the business tax payable was RMB 50,000 (RMB 1 million * 5%) and now as the business tax is replaced by value-added tax, the tax rate is 4.76%, deceasing by RMB 2,400.

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