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#171  Apr 22, 2016    email version


Does the change of probation period upon the transfer of post fall into “second agreement”?


Does change of probation period due to the transfer of post for the employee failed in the evaluation during probation period violate the provision that “one employer can only specify one probation period with one and the same employee”?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:生育保险和医疗保险将合并

    MOHRSS: The maternity insurance and the medical insurance will be merged


    MOHRSS promulgated the Circular on Reducing Social Insurance Rate Stage by Stage on its website on the 20th day, in which, the reduction of endowment insurance and unemployment insurance stage by stage was proposed. In addition, the circular has specified the merge of maternity insurance and basic medical insurance, which will be organized and implemented in a unified manner upon the issuance of relevant provisions by the State Council.

  • 教育部:我国将建未就业毕业生统计机制

    Ministry of Education: Our country intends to establish the statistical mechanism of unemployed graduates


    Recently, Ministry of Education promulgated the Circular on Doing Well Services Concerning Making Statistics of Unemployed Graduates of Regular Institutions of Higher Learning in China, proposing to further perfect the employment statistics index system of college and university graduates and establish the statistical mechanism of unemployed graduates for the purpose of focusing on making statistics of unemployment graduates with desire for employment and temporarily unemployed graduates.

  • 业绩下滑香港迪士尼裁员近百人

    Almost 100 employees have been laid off by Hong Kong Disneyland as a result of its declining performance


    After witnessing its net deficiency of RMB 148 million last year, a few days ago, Hong Kong Disneyland sent out the information that almost 100 employees had been laid off. When being asked for the reason for layoff, the spokesman of Hong Kong Disneyland said it attributed to the not optimistic state of operation of the Disneyland recently.

  • 人社部公布第二批失效废止文件

    MOHRSS has promulgated the second wave of invalid and abolished documents

    近日,根据国务院文件清理工作的统一部署,人社部对1988年1月1日至2008年4月期间制发的文件进行了全面清理,其中部分文件因调整对象已消失、工作任务已完成、适用期已满、已有新规定替代等,宣布失效和废止。本次共宣布失效文件147份,废止文件197份。 此前,人社部曾对2008年4月1日至2015年12月31日的文件进行全面清理,宣布失效555份文件,废止10份文件。

    Recently, in the light of the unified deployment of file cleanup, MOHRSS has cleaned up the files prepared and promulgated during the period from Jan. 1, 1998 to Apr. 2008 in an all-round manner, and declared some files invalid and abolished for the such reasons as the disappearance of adjusted objects, the completion of work tasks, the expiration of service life and the substitution by new provisions. 147 files are declared invalid and 197 are declared abolished this time. Before then, MOHRSS had cleaned up the files promulgated between Apr. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2015, and declared 555 files and 10 files invalid and abolished respectively.

  • 14450人


    Last Friday, Toshiba announced it had laid off 14,450 employees worldwide, about 30% more than the number as planned thereby previously. Before then, Toshiba was caught in the scandal of financial cheating for up to 8 years, and this layout has been deemed as its fight for extricating itself from a difficult position by the insiders.

  • 6.5%


    MOHRSS gave out the news on the 15th day that the pension would keep increasing in 2016, which would increase by 6.5% compared with the monthly average pension for the retirees in 2015. This increase rate decreases somewhat compared with those of previous years.

  • 8143元


    The ranking list of average salaries for job seekers throughout the country in the spring of 2016 is discharged. Thereinto, Shenzhen is ranked 3rd by virtue of its average salary of RMB 8,141/month. Those ranked 1st and 2nd are respectively RMB 8,717 of Beijing and RMB 8,825 of Shanghai.

  • 12%


    Deputy Minister of MOURD spoke in the Routing Policy Briefing of the SCIO on the 15th day that our country would reduce the deposit proportion of housing provident fund stage by stage as of May 1, and would standardize and adjust any enterprises whose deposit proportion was over 12%, and the policy to that effect would be implemented for a term of two years.

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