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#172  Apr 29, 2016    email version


Four categories of workers and labor relations are not protected by law


No labor relations are established between the employee and the employer, even if there is real work. The injury caused is also not protected by the labor law.

  • 企业已发录用offer后又反悔了 该如何处理?
  • What a company should do if it regrets having sent the offer letter?
  • 如果企业想反悔,就必须在录用通知到达求职者之前,或者同时与录用通知到达发出撤回录用通知。否则就应该承担对方因求职的直接经济损失。
  • If a company wants to go back on its word, of course, it must send the notice of withdrawal of offer letter before the offer letter reaches the job seeker, or send it together with the offer letter. Otherwise, the employer should bear the direct economic losses incurred by the other party during the job seeking.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 亚洲薪酬排行榜:新加坡>香港>中国大陆

    Rankings of salary in Asia: Singapore>Hong Kong>Mainland China


    The salary survey agency Towers Watson announced the rankings of salary in Asia Pacific region. Salary of Hong Kong employees tops the ranking of salaries in Greater China region, and is far higher than that in mainland China; Singapore outperforms Hong Kong by ranking first in the Asia-Pacific region; the salary of executives and top management in Taiwan region is on a par with that in Thailand, and ranks bottom of the rank.

  • 25省份国企限薪:部分老总年薪降至职工5倍左右

    Cap on salaries of state-owned enterprises in 25 provinces: annual salary of some CEOs falls to about 5 times that of employees


    At present, 25 provinces have made public the reform scheme of remuneration paid to principals of state-owned enterprises administered by provincial SASAC. A majority of regions have limited the basic annual salary of principals of state-owned enterprises to less than 2 times that of employees; meanwhile, the tenure incentive income is introduced but limited to less than eight times that of employees. Ningxia imposes the maximum limit, with a range of about 5 times.

  • 浙江:鼓励有条件单位安排2天半假期

    Zhejiang province: encourage qualified employers to arrange weekends of two and half days


    Recently, Zhejiang provincial government issued the “Opinions on Promoting Tourism Investment And Consumption,” which mention that local qualified units are encouraged to optimize and adjust the schedule and create favorable conditions for the employees to combine Friday afternoon and the weekend for leisure and holidays.

  • 财政部:营改增后酒店纳税人税收负担总体下降

    Ministry of Finance: overall tax burden of hotel taxpayers is reduced after replacement of business tax with VAT


    Regarding the question whether the hotel industry is imposed another added-value tax (VAT) on the basis of the existing business tax after the replacement of business tax with VAT, the Ministry of Finance issues its reply on its official website that the taxpayers of the hotel industry pay the business tax before the “May Day” this year. Thereafter, the business tax is replaced by VAT. Overall, the tax burden on taxpayers generally decline to varying degrees.

  • 48


    The “2016 Spring Report of Chinese employers’ demand and white-collar talent supply” recently released shows that in spring 2016, the index of national talent supply and demand competition was 48, indicating an average of 48 résumés nationwide for one post and the fiercely competitive job market.

  • 10天


    Recently, Heilongjiang government has passed the newly revised “Regulations of Heilongjiang Province on Population and Family Planning”, which specifically adds 10-day marriage leave for couples who participate in pre-marital medical examination.

  • 4000元


    According to the insiders, the salary of graduates in Shanghai this year is slightly up the previous year, with an average monthly increase of 200 yuan. Among them, the monthly salary of graduate students reaches 5000-5500 yuan, undergraduates with 4000-4500 yuan, and junior college graduates with 3500-4000 yuan.

  • 19%


    The State Council recently has made it clear to reduce the rate of social insurance by stages. In this aspect, Li Zhong, the spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, explained that 20 provinces including Beijing satisfy the conditions of reducing the rates, which can be reduced from 20% to 19%.

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