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#175  May 20, 2016    email version


How should enterprises handle the labor relations with the employees reaching the retirement age?


If employees reached the retirement age, but did not enjoy the endowment insurance or draw pensions, the relation between the employees and employers is still the labor relations.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 日赚2870万元:扎克伯格成史上赚钱最快之人

    Daily pay reaches RMB28.7M: Zuckerberg becomes the quickest money maker in history


    Calculated by CNBC, Zuckerberg earns US$4.4m every day on the average from when he was born, more than any person in the rich list of Forbes; by comparison, the world’s richest man Bill Gates aged 60 earns US$3.5m every day averagely; Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos ranks third at US$3.3m.

  • 人社部:取消没有法律依据的证明和盖章环节

    MOHRSS: Cancel the certification and sealing link without legal basis


    On May 13, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a new regulation clarifying that various regions are not allowed to link the social insurance, professional title evaluation and other business with archive keeping and specifically put forward eight matters that should simplify programs and procedures. For example, people who have showed their original copies of educational background when looking for jobs no longer need the third-party certification.

  • 非私营单位员工年薪平均6万

    The annual salary for employees of non-private companies averages RMB60, 000


    According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on May 13, the annual average salary of employees of urban non-private companies amounted to RMB62, 029 in 2015, increasing by RMB5, 669 as against that of 2014. Deducting the price factor, the annual average salary of employees of national urban non-private companies actually grew 8.5% in 2015.

  • 今年大学毕业生创业意愿大幅下降

    University graduates’ entrepreneurial intention declining substantially this year


    This year, there are a total of 7.65m university graduates in China, hit a new high in history. According to the survey on 90, 000 fresh graduates, their entrepreneurial willingness declined substantially. Relative to earning money for the family, the post-90 generation is more eager to accomplish themselves through work. The new first-tier cities are gradually becoming their new favorite for employment.

  • 3.4%


    According to the statistics released by Hong Kong Census and Statistics on May 18, the unemployment rate adjusted seasonally from February to April was 3.4%, same as that from January to March. The underemployment rate remains unchanged, at the level of 1.4%. The rise of the unemployment rate is mainly reflected in the building industry and the professional and commercial service industry. The rise of the underemployment rate is mainly shown in the retail industry.

  • 765万人


    Since the graduation of students under the first college and university enrollment increase in 2002, the number of national college graduates has grown rapidly at a speed of about 0.7 million people every year from 2002 to 2009, rapidly climbing to 6.11 million from 1.45 million. Since then, the new graduates have been increasing at about 0.2-0.3 million every year to 7.65 million in 2016, hitting a new high in history.

  • 8年


    More than 20 provinces have issued reform schemes to encourage university students to start up business, supported the implementation of flexible educational system, and allowed university students to start up business through temporary absence from schools. The school census of such college students can be retained 2-8 years.

  • 2019万


    The senior executive salary ranking list of listed companies was unveiled. Fangda Special Steels President Zhong Chongwu ranked first in Shenzhen and Shanghai markets by the salary of RMB20.1934 million, and the profit of the company was only RMB110 million. His salary took up 20% of the pure profit of the company. Zhengjiang Longsheng President and General Manager Ruan Weixiang ranked second for RMB16.8325 million.

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