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#177  Jun 03, 2016    email version


Does death of sudden illness during earlier work count as work-related injury?


The laborer went to work earlier for the interest of the employer and it has close relation with the duties of the laborer. Thus the earlier work shall be deemed to be implementation of the duties.

  • 制度与合同不一致怎么办?
  • What shall we do if the rules and regulations goes against the contract?
  • 规章制度作为用人单位经营管理的内部规章,相对于劳动合同对双方当事人的特殊约定,一般情况下,其效力都会低于劳动合同。
  • Rules and regulations serve as the internal rules for operation and management of the employer. They are special agreement to both parties compared to the labor contract. Generally, the effect of the rules and regulations will be lower than the labor contract.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 全球工作时间最短10大城市出炉

    List of the Top Ten Cities with Minimum Work Time Worldwide


    According to the survey results of United Bank of Switzerland: ①The work time in Paris ranks to be the shortest one: where the work time per week is 30.84 hours; ②The second one is Lyon, followed by Moscow and Helsinki. London ranks to be the 17th one having the average work time per week being 33.46 hours; ③Hong Kong ranks to be the busiest city having the average work time per week being 50.12 hours; ④the number of holidays available in Shanghai is the minimum one, namely 7 days each year, followed by Bangkok having 9 days, Beijing having 10 days and Hong Kong having 17 days. How do you feel upon reading the aforesaid information?

  • 广东周末2.5天休假真的要来了

    2.5-day holiday is approaching for Guangdong


    In recent days, the general office of Guangdong Provincial Government has printed and distributed the Implementing Scheme to Further Promote Tourism Investment and Consumption in Guangdong Province, according to which the comprehensive reform demonstration tourism cities are supported to optimize and adjust the schedule arrangement during the summer, and create more convenient conditions for employees to go out for leisure and holiday on Friday afternoon and weekends.

  • 多地提高最低工资标准 合理确定涨幅成新特点

    The minimum wage standard in various places has witnessed an increase, and the determination of reasonable increase turns into a new feature


    Since this year, Chongqing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hainan, Shanghai, etc. have raised the minimum wage standard, for which the “determination of reasonable increase” turns into a new feature as adjusting the minimum wage standard this round.

  • 北京下调养老和失业保险费率

    Endowment and unemployment insurance rates in Beijing were lowered


    On May 31, the basic endowment insurance rate and the unemployment insurance rate available for enterprise workers in Beijing were declared to be adjusted to 27% and 1% from the original 28% and 1.2% respectively. As to the two items of insurance, the ratio of enterprise contribution is lowered, yet that of individual contribution bearing no adjustment.

  • 1850人


    Microsoft, upon selling the business of function machine, continues to perform operation for mobile phone business. Recently, the company declared that the hardware business of smart phone would be simplified, and 1,850 employees may suffer influence as expected.

  • 7万


    In recent days, McDonald’s China indicated that more than 70,000 employees shall be recruited in China, giving priority to the generation after 90s. It endeavors to become the first employer of many young people.

  • 150元


    This year, the high temperature subsidy with each person obtaining 150 Yuan per month shall be officially distributed since June 1 in Guangdong. Notice: Any soft drink provided by units cannot offset the aforesaid high temperature subsidy. The unit failing to distribute high temperature subsidy shall accept a fine no more than 10,000 Yuan.

  • 716.7万人


    The 2015 Statistics Bulletin on Human Resources and Social Security Cause Development released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on May 30 disclosed the total number of civil servants nationwide for the first time. By the end of 2015, there were 7.167 million civil servants nationwide.

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