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#178  Jun 17, 2016    email version


What kind of labor contract should be signed for employees who worked in the branch company under cancellation procedure?


For this case, we should renew the labor contract with fixed term (generally renewed five years) or make the labor contract with the time limit of completing a certain task? How should the two contracts be terminated or canceled?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 2016大学生就业报告:有专业连续3年亮红牌

    2016 Undergraduates Employment Report: Undergraduates of Some Majors Have Been Employed Less for Three Consecutive Years


    MyCOS Institute has recently issued the 2016 Chinese Undergraduates Employment Report. According to which, undergraduates majoring in engineering of software, network, communication and vehicle have been employed largely for successive two years, while those majoring in fine arts, legal affairs of higher vocational colleges and Chinese education have been employed less for three consecutive years.

  • 中国21省份公布2015年平均工资:北京居首

    21 Provinces of China Have Published Their Own Average Salary in 2015: Beijing Ranks the First


    Up to now, 21 provinces of China have successively published their own average salary in 2015. Among which, Beijing “ranks the first” by virtue of the annual average salary of employees in non-private entities amounting to (RMB, same below) 111,390, and that in private entities amounting to RMB 58,689.

  • 不用考啦:这319种职业资格证已取消

    No Examination in the Future: 319 Professional Qualification Certificates Have Been Canceled


    The State Council has successively canceled 272 items licensed and affirmed by the professional qualification in five batches since 2014, and has canceled additional 47 items this time; as a result, the State Council has published 319 canceled items required by the professional qualification so far, representing 52% of the total number of items needing the professional qualification set thereby.

  • 人社部:不得将社保、职称等与档案保管挂钩

    MOHRSS: Insurance and Professional Title Shall Not Be Linked Up with Archive Keeping


    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China has recently issued the Notice on Simplifying and Optimizing the Service for Personnel Archive Management of Floating Personnel for the purpose of further simplifying and optimizing the service procedures for the personnel archive management of floating personnel, where it is prescribed that such business as participation in social insurance and professional title evaluation shall not be linked up with the archive keeping, and the activities of bundled and hidden charges with archive as the carrier shall be completely eradicated.

  • 262亿


    Microsoft Corporation declared on Monday that it had agreed to acquire LinkedIn, the largest professional social networking site in the world with USD 26.2 billion in cash. According to the agreement, Microsoft Corporation shall pay USD 196 for each share of LinkedIn, at a premium of 50% compared with the closing price of such share on the last Friday.

  • 28省


    As June begins, many regions witness the high temperature period of summer, during which, the allowance for high temperature shall be granted. Currently, at least 28 provinces nationwide have clearly determined the standard for the granting of such allowance.

  • 3726元


    It is mentioned in a survey report issued in Beijing recently that half a year after graduation, the average monthly income of undergraduates 2015 is RMB 3,726, and the actual salary of undergraduates is rising stably in recent three years.

  • 500万


    It is mentioned in an article about salary of Huawei widely spread some days ago that the number of employees of Huawei with annual income exceeding RMB 1 million is over 10,000, while that exceeding RMB 5 million is over ten thousand. A senior executive from Huawei expresses his opinions thereagainst: “A boss with annual income of RMB 5 million manages several business with sales volume exceeding RMB ten billion, which is equal to the work duties and workload of the founder of a company listed on GEM, so RMB 5 million is not really that much!”

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