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#179  Jun 24, 2016    email version


How to deal with the circumstance where an employee suffers “work-related injury” when his labor contract is about to expire?


The company is expected to apply for bankruptcy at the end of June. Then, how should we terminate the labor contract with the employee under such circumstance?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 7月起你的到手工资可能要降

    The Salary to Your Hands Likely to Decline From July


    Recently, with the release of the average salary, many places including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Anhui adjusted the payment base of social insurance. Due to the increase of the average salary, the upper and lower limits of the payment base of social insurance were raised to different degrees in various places. This means the salary to your hands will be reduced.

  • 北京调整生育保险政策

    Beijing Adjusts Maternity Insurance Policies


    On March 21, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the Notice about Adjusting Maternity Insurance Related Policies for Employees in Beijing. The newly added 30-day baby bonus holiday was included into the payment scope of maternity subsidies, which means the treatment for the first child and the second child is the same. It is reported that the adjustment shall take effect from March 24th.

  • 延迟退休方案年底公布 第一批或延退3到4个月

    The retirement postponement plan is to be released at year end; 3-4 months to be postponed for the first batch


    According to the plan of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the retirement postponement plan will be issued in 2017, and retirement postponement will be formally implemented in 2022. At the end of this year, the preliminary scheme for retirement postponement will be issued and solicit opinions from the society. Related officials participating in the scheme discussion disclosed that the time limit of retirement postponement for the first-batch retirees will be between three and four months.

  • 十余省发文促带薪休假 60城超半数职工已享用

    Over 10 provinces issue documents to promote paid leave; more than a half of employees in 60 cities have enjoyed it


    At present, more than ten provinces have released opinions to require the implementation of the paid leave system. Many places proposed to include the implementation of the paid leave system into the agenda and formulated the implementing rules for paid leave. Some regions also proposed to encourage enterprises to issue tourism consumption coupons or tourism leisure subsidies.

  • 1500名


    Samsung Heavy Industry recently said President Dae-yeong Park announced the "self-relief" measures to employees via the internal broadcast of the company, such as cutting 1,500 employees this year.

  • 5城


    Hubei released an opinion to encourage qualified places and units to implement 2.5-day holiday. Currently, at least 11 provinces nationwide have released the opinion to encourage 2.5-day holiday. However, among these provinces, only five cities issued the implementing rules to "try" the 2.5-day holiday at present, and most places still did not implement it.

  • 6.5%


    After the central government raised the old-age pension of enterprise retirees by 6.5%, local places still did not issue related documents. It is found through investigation that except Shanghai has issued the old-age pension with the growth rate slightly higher than 6.5% from June 15th, other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide still did not make clear of the implementation time up to now. The rising old-age pension in many places rumored on the Internet also did not conform to reality.

  • 12省


    Recently, Inner Mongolia issued the Work Program of Inner Mongolia on Integrating the Basic Medical Insurance Systems for Urban and Rural Residents and proposed to integrate two medical insurance systems. So far, 12 provinces and regions have clarified the unification of urban and rural medical insurance and put it under the management of human resources and social security departments.

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