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#18  Feb 22, 2013    email version


“Supreme People’s Court’s Interpretation on Certain Issues Regarding Applicable Laws When Hearing Labor Dispute Cases (IV)”


“Supreme People’s Court’s Interpretation on Certain Issues Regarding Applicable Laws When Hearing Labor Dispute Cases (IV)” (Fashi 2013/4) has been resolved on the 31st December 2012 by No. 1566 meeting of Judicial Committee of the Supreme People’s Court and becomes effective on the 1st February 2013.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 最高法出台劳动争议案司法解释(四)

    Judicial Interpretation on Labor Dispute from the Supreme People’s Court (Item Four)


    The Supreme People’s Court has recently unveiled Interpretation on Some Applied Legal Issues Related to Labor Disputes IV, and this regulation is going to be implemented from Feb 1st, 2013. This Interpretation mainly covers issues such as economic compensation, competition restrictions, labor contract with oral changes, foreign-related labor relations and other issues like economic compensation for the termination of labor contracts by employers.

  • 人社部:将出台工资法

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Salary Law to be Unveiled


    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has indicated that efforts will be put on the research of Law on Salary and Payment Regulation on Remuneration Payment and relevant laws and regulations to cope with the frequently occurred back-pay issues. This is another act from the state to address back-pay issues through legislation after the judicial interpretation from the Supreme People’s Court on Crime on Refusing to Pay Labor Remuneration.

  • 广州、深圳上调最低工资标准

    Minimum Wage to be Elevated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen


    From May 1st of this year, Guangdong will adjust provincial employees’ minimum wage standard and non-full time worker’s minimum wage level for employees. Among this, the lowest minium wage will be increased from 1300 yuan per month to 1550 yuan per month. In addition, Shenzhen has recently released the minimum wage level in 2013 which regulates that the minimum wage standard for full-time employee is 1600 yuan per month. This new policy will be implemented from March 1st.

  • 上海发布生育保险调整有关通知

    Relevant Announcement on Adjustment of Maternity Insurance Policies Released in Shanghai


    Shanghai recently announces relevant announcement on adjustment of maternity insurance policy for female employees. The adjusted policy regulates that female employees are entitled to 98 days of maternity leave, and there will be another 15 days of vocation for females who suffer dystocia; For those who deliver multiparities, there will be a bonus of 15 days of vocation for each one more baby; an increase of 30 days will be granted to those who have met the criteria of late childbirth of family planning policy.

  • 58.8%


    The 2013 Chinese Enterprises Recruitment Trend Survey recently released by the human resources institute ,Career International, shows that , among the interviewed enterprises, 58.8% of them have planned to enlarge the recruitment,while 26.1% of them are about to reduce the size of employees. Among the former group, the top three posts that generate the biggest demands are sales, R&D and manufacturing respectively.

  • 3.9%


    Data from the Ministry of Finance reveals that in 2012, the individual income tax reached an amount of 582.024 billion yuan, representing a drop of 3.9% compared with the same period of last year and a decrease of 29.1% in growing speed compared with the previous year. And the proportion of individual income tax revenue holds 5.8% of general tax revenue.

  • 20%


    The Taxation Service Department of State Administration of Taxation has indicated recently that , shall individuals transfer restricted shares of newly listed companies, securities depository and clearing company works on the actual amount of transferred income and the stock value of target restricted value of embedded securities depository and clearing system to deduct the stock value cost and reasonable expenses of taxation from actual transferred amount, and the 20% tax interest rate is applicable to the balance to calculate income tax amount that needs to be levied.

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