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#180  Jul 01, 2016    email version


Have the Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of the Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance(Part II) promulgated by the MOHRSS made the issues clear?


Now, let’s find out whether some of the new provisions in the new Opinions need to be further discussed and deliberated in combination with some actual cases.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 在线求职经证明是中国求职者最成功的方法

    Online job application is proved to be the most successful method for getting jobs among Chinese job hunters


    An investigation indicates that it’s the easiest for Chinese job hunters to get new jobs from online job application websites. According to the investigation on 308 people, 43% of them think the most successful method for getting new jobs is applying jobs from online job application websites.

  • 北京:不发高温津贴单位可罚1万元

    Beijing: Entities may be fined RMB 10,000 for not granting high temperature subsidy


    Recently, Beijing Administration of Work Safety has launched the specialized law enforcement examination on high temperature operations to examine the implementation of high-temperature protection measures and granting of high temperature subsidy in key industries and fields of high temperature operations. The entities that fail to grant the high temperature subsidy will be fined up to RMB 10,000.

  • 深圳工伤保险费率将降三成

    The rate of work-related injury insurance of Shenzhen will decrease by 30%


    From Jul. 1, the work-related injury insurance in Shenzhen will be refined into eight categories from the former three, and the policies on rate of work-related injury insurance for each industry will be redefined. Shenzhen Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has promulgated recently the new benchmark rate standard will be reduced by 32.27% in general, and it is expected that the insurance which employers in this city shall pay in a year may decrease by RMB 648,000,000.

  • 全国启动职工退休专项检查 骗取养老保险将受罚

    A special inspection on employee retirement has been launched nationally; those who get endowment insurance by fraudulent means will be punished


    A few days ago, the MOHRSS issued the notice about the implementation of special inspection on examination and approval of employee retirement nationally. The inspection involves whether the documents relating to the examination and approval of retirement are legal and the basis for approving the retirement treatment is lawful, etc. Related officials of the MOHRSS said those who have completed formalities concerning retirement in violation of law shall be punished according to applicable regulations.

  • 5.5万人


    Data have showed that ever since Whitman served as CEO, HP has laid off up to 55,000 employees.

  • 62.50%


    Recently, China University Media Union has conducted a questionnaire survey on 304 new college graduates from 152 colleges and universities. The result shows that 17.76% of interviewees are not satisfied with the first job they engage in after graduation, 26.65% of them express they have no feeling about the job, and 55.59% of them say they are satisfied with the job.

  • 1950元


    From Jul. 1, the minimum wage standard of Tianjin will be adjusted from RMB 1,850 to RMB 1,950, and the hourly wage will be adjusted from RMB 10.6 to RMB 11.2; the minimum hourly wage for part-time employees will be adjusted from RMB 18.5 to RMB 19.5.

  • 31省


    Except for Xinjiang and Tibet, other 29 provinces have modified their regulations on population and family planning. 29 provinces have canceled the original late marriage leave, and the legal marriage leave of 11 provinces last only for 3 days. In addition, Shanxi and Gansu retain the 30 days’ long marriage leave.

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