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#182  Jul 15, 2016    email version


Case I About “Blackmail in Job Market”: Refuse to sign a contract on purpose in order to claim double wage


How to prevent such kind of “blackmail” phenomenon from happening, and how to cope with the malicious actions taken by the “blackmailers” are well worthy of careful consideration by enterprise managers or human resource practitioners.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 多地公布2016年企业工资指导线

    Many regions have disclosed enterprise wage guidelines for 2016


    This year, Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other regions have disclosed enterprise wage guidelines for 2016. Compared with 2015, the enterprise wage guidelines of the majority regions above in this year remain unchanged or lower, while only that of Beijing increases somewhat from 3.5% in the last year to 4%.

  • 逾10省推2.5天休假:多休半天 周末玩更嗨

    Over 10 provinces have implemented 2.5-day weekends: An extra half-day leave will lead to a happier weekend


    A few days ago, Hubei Province released an opinion to encourage places and entities that meet the requirements to implement 2.5-day weekends. By far, over 10 provinces have released opinions in allusion to 2.5-day weekends.

  • 28省份公开高温津贴

    28 provinces have disclosed their high temperature allowances


    So far, 28 provinces have disclosed their high temperature allowances, which range from RMB 100/month to RMB 240/month and are provided in different months. Among provinces which provide the allowances by month, Shanxi provides the highest allowance of RMB 240/month and Beijing provides the second highest of RMB 180/month.

  • 人社部:应该适度放缓工资调整频率与提高幅度

    MOHRSS: The adjustment frequency and increase margin of wage shall be properly lowered


    Vice Minister Xin Changxing of MOHRSS thinks that the adjustment frequency and increase margin of wage shall be properly lowered to maintain the competitive advantage in respect of attracting investments. In the first half of this year, 6 regions increased their minimum wages by an average margin of 11%; last year, 13 regions increased the minimum wages by an average margin of 13.5% in the last year. This suggests that the growth rate of wage apparently lowers at present, and the increase margin drops accordingly.

  • 第二


    Recently, ECA has released the “market research on the remuneration for our expatriates” of the new year, and the result shows that the remuneration for their employees dispatched to Mainland China has risen to 2nd place in Asia Pacific.

  • 21%


    According to the data of LinkedIn, among job-hopping media practitioners, 21% have chosen to work in high-tech Internet fields, and 18% in professional services companies (such as public relations companies and advertising companies) following it closely.

  • 2%


    Samsung Electronics is the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world, but its software professional level is much weaker. A few days ago, an officer of Samsung Electronics said only 1% - 2% of its employees were qualified for the work in Google Inc.

  • 5成


    The number of graduates, 7,650,000 in 2016 has refreshed the records once again. Then, where have the large group of graduates streamed? Recently, the report concerning the big data in graduation season shows that: In the face of the anxiety-provoking employment situation, 52% of graduates born in the mid-90s to early ‘00s have determined to fight to the end in the way of looking for a job, while the rest 48% have determined to shun the graduation season.

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