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#184  Jul 29, 2016    email version


How is the sky-high overtime pay generated?


The attendance of our company is very free and loose, allowing working at home. Employees are never required to work overtime and each employee's working reward is not low. Where's the overtime pay from?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 上海:高温作业中暑算工伤

    Shanghai: Heatstroke incurred by high-temperature service shall be deemed as a work-related injury


    According to Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, the Measures for the Administration of Heatstroke Prevention Measures formulated by “three departments and one conference” in 2012 have expressly stipulated the protection of rights and interests for employees working under high temperature, and provided that the employees performing work under high temperature shall be entitled to the following rights: Right to obtain high temperature allowance, heatstroke to be deemed as work-related injury, downtime or shortening working hours allowed without deducting wages, experience right and right to obtain drinks and drugs for heatstroke prevention, etc.

  • 广东代缴社保违法 骗保可能入刑

    In Guangdong, having social insurance premiums paid on behalf by any institution to which the insured are attached is illegal and the insured who cheat the State out of social insurance benefits may be sentenced


    Attention! “Having social insurance premiums paid on behalf” by “any institution to which the insured are attached” is a kind of act of cheating the State out of insurance benefits, and is illegal. The Regulations of Guangdong on the Supervision of Social Insurance Fund that have been implemented since Jul. have regulated in detail the act of cheating the State out of social insurance benefits.

  • 人社部:将适时对劳动合同法提出意见建议

    MHRSS: opinions and suggestions on the Labor Contract Law will be made at appropriate time


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security convened a press conference on Jul. 22, in which, the news spokesman Li Zhong said MHRSS would collate in depth and in an all-round manner the problems encountered during the implementation of the Labor Contract Law, and gave opinions and suggestions on the law at appropriate time after carrying out full demonstration and investigation.

  • 人社部:延迟退休不会降低养老金待遇

    MHRSS: the postponed retirement will not lower the old-age pension benefits


    As disclosed by news spokesman Li Zhong, not all social groups will be postponed to retire simultaneously. Instead, the postponed retirement will be gradually implemented from the group whose retirement age is much lower. At the same time, he says that the postponed retirement will not lower the individual old-age pension benefits.

  • 54%


    The report of Big Data on the employment of college graduates of 2016” released recently shows that 54% of the graduates choose to be anchors/instant online celebrities and 17% of them choose to be seiyuu, followed by a certain percentage of them who choose to be dresser, game assessor, etc. The “good occupations” in traditional meaning: employee of state-owned enterprises, civil servant, teachers and doctors will no longer be people’s favorites.

  • 70%


    According to the news spokesman of MHRSS Li Zhong, at present, 319 occupational qualifications set by the departments under the State Council have been canceled, accounting for 52% of occupational qualifications set by such departments. In the next half year, another batch of occupational qualification licensing and accredited matters will be canceled, which makes the occupational qualifications set by the departments under the State Council to be reduced by more than 70%.

  • 47倍


    The job market of China is presenting the polarized situation: The employment opportunities offered by Internet and e-commerce industries which represent new economy are 47 times the number of the employment opportunities offered by the most depressed de-capacity industry.

  • 11.1%


    As at the end of Jun., 6 regions throughout the country have adjusted their minimum wage standards at an average increasing percentage of 11.1% at an average interval of 18.7 months. Thereinto, the monthly minimum wage, RMB 2,190 of Shanghai is the highest.

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