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#186  Aug 12, 2016    email version


About limitation in the Labor Contract Law


Does the limitation of action in respect of dissolution last for one year after the dissolution of labor relation? Is there any limitation of action in respect of wage, overtime pay, annual leave, social insurance, provident fund and bonus after any employee leaves office for whatever reason?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 延迟退休会影响青年就业吗?人民日报发文回应

    Will postponed retirement affect youth employment? People's Daily issues an article to respond


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security points out in the People's Daily: In rhythm, postponed retirement will be carried out "in small and slow steps", not "in one step". Only several months will be postponed every year, so very limited people will be affected, not to have a big impact on labor demands. Therefore, the overall influence on employment will be small and moderate.

  • 人社部:企业违反劳动保障法被查处3次信用等级为C

    MOHRSS: Enterprises investigated for three times for violating the Labor Protection Law to be down rated C in credit


    The related official of the Labor Security Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said the bureau will evaluate the law-abiding and integrity level of enterprises according to enterprises' internal formulation of labor security rules and regulations, labor contract execution with laborers, abiding by labor dispatching regulations and other situations, and the rating grade will be divided into A-level, B-level and C-level. Enterprises investigated for more than three times (including three times) for violating the Labor Protection Law will be down rated C-level.

  • 房贷利息、养老、二孩等有望纳入抵扣个税

    House loan interests, pension, second child and other family burdens expected to deduct individual income tax


    According to the report, the individual income tax reform will be accelerated in the second half of this year when salaries, property transfer income, etc, will be taxed synthetically. Family burdens like pension, second child and house loan interests are expected to deduct the individual income tax.

  • 高校和公立医院全面取消事业编制

    Colleges and public hospitals fully cancel public institutional establishment


    Li Zhong, spokesperson of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, explicitly expressed when introducing the next-step work arrangement of the public institution personnel system reform, "The ministry is researching and formulating the personnel management linking method after colleges and public hospitals not included into institutional establishment management." If national colleges and public hospitals will fully cancel public institutional establishment in the future, it means the newly recruited personnel will not be included in the institutional establishment, the employment system will be fully carried out and employees will be under unified management according to the provisions of the Labor Contract Law.

  • 20万美元


    According to the foreign media report, Apple said in the Black Hat Network Security Conference held in Las Vegas last Thursday that it planned to offer rewards of USD200,000 at highest for researchers to help the company search security vulnerabilities in products.

  • 63.9%


    A survey shows that 44.7% respondents have a pay rise in 1-2 years averagely and the working time (63.9%) is the highest recognized pay rise basis of respondents; 57.2% respondents said their competence and experience grew slowly along with the working time; and 20.3% respondents said their competence and experience grew fast.

  • 17省


    It is learnt from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security that 17 provinces and cities nationwide including Hebei, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Xinjiang and Beijing have realized the integration of the new rural cooperative medical care system and the basic medical insurance system for urban residents so far.

  • 7411元


    According to the investigation: The average value of the expected salary of Beijing college graduates is RMB7,411, of which, the expected monthly salary of medical school students is the highest; the top three cities that graduates prefer are still Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai; and administrative organs and public institutions are still the first choice of graduates to serve.

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