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#187  Aug 19, 2016    email version


What should we do when an employee asks for a sick leave in this way?


Do we have the right of examination over the sick leave applied for by any employee, and should the employee bear the legal consequence if he/she fails to observe the regulations on asking for leave?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广深等地住房公积金 已开放全国“异地贷”

    Housing provident funds paid in such places as Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been available for applying for “exterritorial housing provident fund loans” all over China


    According to a recent survey, housing provident funds paid in such places as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many cities in Pearl River Delta have been available for applying for “exterritorial housing provident fund loans” all over China. That is to say, if you have paid housing provident fund in any city in China, and met the requirements for applying for housing provident fund loan in the place where you intend to buy a house, you can apply for such a loan.

  • 个人所得税改革下半年有望获加速推进

    The reform of individual income tax is expected to accelerate in the second half of this year


    An insider says that the reform of individual income tax is expected to accelerate in the second half of this year. The core is to establish regulations on the combination of comprehensive income tax and classified income tax, according to which, taxes will be charged on wages and salaries, labor remuneration, etc. in a unified manner as comprehensive income taxes, and provision for the aged, second-child, interest on house loans and other family burdens are expected to be listed in the scope of tax credit.

  • 人社部2015年社保报告:不到三个人“养”一个老人

    2015 Social Insurance Report by the MOHRSS: A retired old person is “dependent on” less than 3 workers


    The report shows that the endowment insurance amount for both urban staff and workers and that for urban and rural residents total a surplus of approximately RMB 4,000 billion yuan. However, the dependency ratio of employees’ endowment insurance keeps decreasing from 2.97:1 in 2014 to 2.87:1. That is to say, a retired old person is “dependent on” less than 3 workers, which means that the young workers are put under increasing pressure to support the retired old people.

  • 1-2天


    Ningxia has issued the Regulations of Autonomous Region Concerning the Labor Protection of Female Staff and Workers, which protects female staff workers during the climacteric, in addition to those during the “four periods”, including menstrual period, pregnancy, maternity leave and nursing period, and specifies the “dysmenorrhea leave”. If a female worker can’t keep doing work as usual due to dysmenorrhea or menorrhagia, she may be given a leave for 1-2 days.

  • 五成


    According to a survey conducted by Japan, 52.1% of Japanese enterprises are short of hands, which results in fewer holidays taken by employees in 90% of the enterprises, worsening interpersonal relations, etc.

  • 14000人


    It is reported that Cisco will lay off 14,000 employees at most, which takes up nearly 20% of its employees worldwide. “9,000-14,000 employees will be laid off”, says an insider. It is expected that Cisco will announce its layoff plan within the next few weeks; the company has offered many early retirement proposals for its employees.

  • 21320元


    The industry wage guideline of Beijing for 2016 was published on the 15th day. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security stated that the guideline involved 19 industries. According to the guideline, the lower limit is RMB 21,320 Yuan, increasing by RMB 1,160 Yuan compared to last year.

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